If your first apartment’s bathroom is a bit small, you’ll quickly find yourself running out of storage space to store your bathroom essential

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s. And if your bathroom doesn’t come equipped with storage to make up for the lack of space, you’ll need to get a little creative. If you’re not sure where to start, here are seven space-saving bathroom storage ideas.

1. Over-the-toilet cabinets/shelves

For extra storage, you can place an over-the-toilet cabinet or a shelf with multiple tiers over your first apartment’s toilet. If you’re short on space to fit something like these larger items, you can add some sturdy floating shelves. After making sure that your floating shelves are secure, you can enjoy a chic bathroom with additional storage.

2. Under-sink storage drawers and crates

To keep your bathroom’s storage tidy, you can use under-sink storage drawers and crates. You can organize your storage by first using a single drawer or crate solely for cleaning products. Then, you can use another drawer or crate solely for cleaning tools or larger cosmetic tools that are too big to fit in a medicine cabinet.

3. Medicine cabinet storage jars and containers

Your bathroom’s medicine cabinet may be small, but you can fit many things in it if you use storage jars and containers. You can store small items in jars: Think cotton swabs, cotton balls, toothbrushes, razors, and nail polishes. Additionally, if your medicine cabinet’s door is metal, you can attach small or thin containers with magnets to the door. These magnets can hold storage for small daily-use items such as nail files and lip balms.

4. Bar cart 

Most people use bar carts to store drinks, but you can use a bar cart for bathroom storage as well. A great way to use a bar cart for your bathroom essentials is to place toiletries on top and washcloths in baskets. You can also use separate baskets to hold additional towels or body brushes.

5. Wall and over-the-door hooks

If you prefer to hang your additional washcloths and towels, you can add some wall hooks and over-the-door hooks to your apartment’s bathroom. There are various types of hooks you can get, and they range from decorative to modern and luxurious (or some combination of all three). Pro tip: Hang your hand towels on a doorknob hook and your body towel on a hook near your shower.

6. Spinning organizer for your below-sink storage

If you want to keep your bathroom’s storage organized, you can add a spinning turntable organizer underneath your sink. Spinning turntable organizers, formerly called Lazy Susans (a term that has fallen out of vogue), make it easier for you to reach anything you store in your below-sink storage. 

You can place any cleaning products or beauty products on the turntable and spin it whenever you need to reach for something. Many people like to use spinning turntable organizers because using them can lower the chances of knocking a product over. They thus prevent messes.

7. Roll and store towels in baskets

Baskets are a lightweight way to add storage underneath your sink. You can also add a cute, rustic look to your bathroom by adding small baskets to your over-the-toilet shelf or your walls.

Have you ever tried using one of these space-saving storage ideas? Share your experiences in the comments!

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