Bottle Tote - Top 23 | Wine Accessory Set

DUVINO Juvale Kitchen WineAccessorySets ZORMY

s   1. DU VINO 2 Bottle Wine Carrier Travel Bag – Thick Insulating Neoprene Wine Tote- Expandable 2 Bottle, Taller Design – Zipper Closes over Corked Bottles, Adjustable Shoulder Strap DU VINO - Thicker neoprene taller zipper closure 4mm neoprene and taller design accommodates a corked wine bottle and still zips closed Provides insulation to keep your wine cold longer and protects against breakage during transport and travel Expandable flexible usage holds two standard 750ml bottles of wine or six 12 oz Cans of beer or soda Our expandable center steam can extend to become a multi usage bag...

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