How to Clean Your Peloton

How to Clean Your Peloton

Have you ever stopped to think about how to clean your Peloton? Heres a simple reason why you should learn: sweat damages exercise equipment. Sweat also makes things smell gross, especially if you have anything cotton or another material on or near your bike. Like your Spin Towel or Peloton seat cover. Products like this absorb sweat like a sponge.

But back to the notion of sweat potentially damaging your Peloton and why you want to be asking questions about how to clean your Peloton. I know that when I first thought about what can I use to clean my Peloton, I wasnt sure what products would be OK.

So what are the answers for the products that are safe to use to clean your Peloton? Well, before I get into specifics, lets step back a second and talk about sweat. Yes, sweat.

Why sweat is bad for your Peloton

You see, your sweat contains salt, and it can be bad for your Peloton. And if you know anything about what road salt in winter can do to your car, imagine what your sweat is doing to your Peloton bike or Tread from daily use.

The corrosive nature of sweat means anything metal on your Peloton Tread or Peloton cycle that comes in contact with your sweat could potentially rust. Additionally, when sweat builds up on non-rusting areas, other dirt, dust and grime tend to stick to those surfaces. So your Peloton just ends up looking gross.

No fear, though. Ive gathered together the best tipsand productson how to care for and how to clean your Peloton. You may be practicing some of this good Peloton hygiene already but a refresher course never hurts. Because Im recommending products that I have purchased on my own from Amazon, Ive created a shopping list over on Amazon along with links throughout this piece to make your shopping easier.

How to clean your Peloton

products for how to clean your pelotonFirst and foremost, you should be wiping down your bike or Tread after each and every use. Do you sweat each time you get on the bike, even if youre just doing a scenic ride? Doing a fun walk on the Tread? If you break a sweat, you need to clean up after yourself.

And this has nothing to do with good gym etiquette. This is about maintaining the life of your very expensive piece of exercise equipment.

Clean your Peloton to protect against sweat

Lucky for Peloton owners like us, the manufacturer has already added some features to the bike that protect against sweat. This includes the plastic bumper over the flywheel as well as the plastic cover on the chain guard. However, metal screws hold each of those plastic items together. Youll recall that salt from your sweat is not good for metal. So you should be going over each of those areas after each ride to dry up any sweat that might have landed there.

I know this sucks to suggest but you really ought to dry each and every metal screw after each and every ride. It will be good insurance that those metal items dont corrode over time.

Wipe down your bike after every ride

Its important that you wipe down your bike after every ride. You can do this in multiple ways and using multiple products, many you may already own. Bottom line: after youre done with your workout, you want to make sure your Peloton is completely dry and free of sweat

Use a towel to sop up moisture

I keep a towel draped over my handlebars while I ride. Ive got sweaty hand syndrome, if you will, so my hands sweat as much as the rest of my body. I need this towel to dry off my hands, especially if there is a weight section to my Peloton class.

Additionally, I used this towel to mop my brow or wipe my face so sweat doesnt get into my eyes. My Goody headbands do a good job of catching the sweat from my scalp, but sometimes in a HIIT, Tabata or Power Zone Max ride, the sweat is just overwhelming.

Anyway, after the ride is over, I use my towel to wipe down my bike. I find all the spots where moisture might have gathered and make sure I get my towel in those nooks and crannies.

I find that microfiber towels are the best. They absorb moisture wellbe it sweat from my forehead or hands, or sweat I find on my bike. At the same time they dont become sopping wet like a cotton towel. I treated myself to a multipack of microfiber towels and thats what I use.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are great for soaking up sweat without become sopping wet.

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Use a bike safe cleaner when you clean your Peloton

Once a week, Ill actually use a cleaning product to wipe down my bike, tooalways drying afterwards. Because excess moisture, even if its not your sweat, is not good for your Peloton.

Previously, I was using my regular non-bleach Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes, which I have for cleaning around the house anyway. However, someone told me about Wipex natural fitness equipment wipes. I like them because they smell like lavender and seem to be gentler because theyre made with vinegar. So I bought some and theyre a great option if you want to use wipes.

Over time, though, Ive become very sensitive to the amount of waste wipes create. So I wanted to get a cleaner I could use on the bike but with existing towels that I can throw in the wash. Ive been using Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray with my microfiber cloths.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Cleaning Products

Here are some of the cleaning products that I legit use to clean my Peloton.

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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes

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Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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Wipex The Original Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes for Personal Use, Lavender and Vinegar, 2 Canisters of 124 Wipes. They also come in Eucalyptus scent.

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, Lemon Verbena. Also comes in lavender and a basil scent.

So, how to clean peloton handlebars? Well, never spray anything directly on your bike to clean, especially not the screen. Spray on the towel or rag first, and then wipe down your bike. Then follow with a dry microfiber to dry everything off.

Vacuum or dust your bike, too

Even with all of the regular cleaning and maintenance, you may discoverlike I did, grosslythat hair, dust and dirt will build up between the chain guard and the pedal. It is nearly impossible to get down into that small space to clean it out.

You can try using a Swiffer duster or the narrow attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck out the stuff in there. Ive even taken to wrapping one of those aforementioned wipes around a chopstick and sticking it down there to clean out the gunk.

How to clean your Peloton screen

When it comes to a screen cleaner, do not use the wipes or the spray-on cleaner that you use for the rest of the bike or your Tread. You have to remember that your screen or tablet is a high-end piece of electronics, like your iPad or flat-screen TV.

In fact, the most damage you can do to your screen is not wiping off your fingerprints on a daily basis. The oils on your fingers can contribute to the breakdown of electronic components.

Cleaner for eyeglasses can help

I found a great Peloton cleaning hack: if you have a spray that you use to clean your eyeglasses, you can use this on your Peloton screen. Again, dont spray directly onto the tablet but instead onto a microfiber cloth. And I say microfiber cloth because, just like with cleaning your glasses, you dont want to use anything that can scratch the surface. Paper towels? No way. A microfiber cloth is a good bet.

Think about it this way: the oils in your hands can do damage to just about anything over time. I mean, did you ever learn about changing the headlight in a car and how you should hold it with something else? Thats because the oils in your hand can decrease the life of the light bulb. Same with the touchscreen on your Peloton screen, be it the bike or the treadmill.

How to clean your Peloton mat

Both the Peloton bike and the Peloton Tread likely arrived at your home with a mat. The installers put the mat down underneath your equipment to protect your floors, Im sure. When we lived in a house with wood floors, I used the mat. Now that my Peloton is on carpet, I dont use the matit made the bike wobbly.

But my point is this: if you have a mat underneath, you need to clean that Peloton mat regularly. Follow the same cleaning protocol of using wipes or spraying cleaner on a towel, followed by a wipe down with a dry towel.

Bike add-ons to protect from sweat

I found three products on Amazon that, in and of itself, offer some protection against sweat when you ride. They are the Spin Towel and the Pelo Towel.

Spin Towel

So many people I know swear by the Spin Towel. Its a towel that fits over your Peloton handlebars to catch your sweat. Think of it as a Peloton handlebar cover so you can wipe sweaty hands on.

Pelo Towel

The company called Pelotowel makes two products worth mentioning. They are the Pelo Towel frame wrap for the Peloton bike and the Pelo Towel that is a legit towel for your Peloton handlebars.

The Pelo towel frame wrap is more of a sweat guard or giant towel for your Pelotons frame. It fits over the frame, with a hole in the middle for the resistance knob. Heres what one reviewer on Amazon had to say about the Pelo towel:

This wonderful towel is yet another layer of protection in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of our fitness equipment. It is well constructed, fits perfectly on the bicycle, and is easily removable to throw in the wash.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Products to Protect Against Sweat

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Pelotowel - AeroWrap fits Peloton

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spintowel Peloton Spin Bike

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Pelotowel - Frame Wrap for Peloton

Keep your Peloton clean by washing your seat cover

In my blog post about the best Peloton bike accessories, I talk about getting a seat cover for your Peloton bike so it doesnt hurt so much. Truth is, youre going to be sweating on that seat cover. So you really want to be washing that seat cover on a regular basis.

Its the reason that I invested in three of the Komfy bike seat covers. This way I can rotate them while one is in the wash. I also invested in a lingerie bag to wash the seat cover in and detergent made especially for delicate items. That would be Forever New laundry detergent. It is made specifically for delicate items. It is what I use to wash my bras.

Even so it can tackle some of the toughest odors. Though it is marketed for hand washables and lingerie, it works great in the washing machine on workout gear.

Most recently I discovered Vapor Fresh detergent, which is supposed to pull sweat smells out of items. After buying it on Amazon, I tried it on my pair of padded shorts, my Komfy gel seat and a sports bra. It comes as laundry pacs (like Tide pods), and it worked amazingly well.

Ive used Vapor Fresh a couple of times since and it really does work. However, it doesnt leave my clothing smelling like anything so I still prefer my fall back Forever New for leaving my clothing with a pleasant scent. Either way both products leave sweaty clothing and accessories not smelling like sweat at all.

FYI, Forever New laundry detergent comes in two waysas a powder (they call it granular) and as a liquid. I prefer the granular version.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Laundry Products

You'll want to wash the fabric items you use with your Peloton on a regular basis. These laundry products can get the sweat smell out and make washing them easier.

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Forever New Granular Biodegradable Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Original Scented, 32 oz.

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Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent Powder - 72 Loads - Free and Clear - Unscented - HE Safe - Cold Water Enzymes - Ideal Laundry Soap for Sports, Gym Clothes and Activewear (5 Pounds)

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Bezport 2 Extra Large Mesh Laundry Bag Delicate Wash Bag, Travel Organization Bag for Lingerie

How do you clean a Peloton heart rate monitor

Well, you dont actually clean a Peloton heart rate monitor, but you can clean the strap. Its fabric and likely absorbing your sweat. So once a week give it a good wash. How?

If you use a chest strap heart rate monitor, unsnap the electronic component and put the strap in a lingerie bag so you can wash it in the washing machine. Same with a heart rate monitor you might wear on your arm.

I currently use the Scosche Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor, which I wear on my forearm. The Velcro strap is removable from the actual monitor, so I wash the strap in a lingerie bag once a week. Hang up your heart rate monitor strap to dry. Never put it in the dryer.

How to clean your Peloton cycling shoes

Most videos I found on how to clean bike shoes were designed to address cycling shoes that you wear outside. Like if youre been riding in the rain and mud.

With indoor cycling shoes theyre not really getting dirty-dirty, are they. They just might be getting sweaty and possible smelling.

Thats why I believe that hanging up your shoes after each ride and letting them dry is a smart move. Its akin to cleaning your shoes in that youre not letting them get gross. You can hang your shoes off the back of your bikelook under where the weights are. However, if you have more than one person riding, you may want to invest in a Peloton shoe hook or hanger that can hang multiple pairs at once up to dry.

how to clean your peloton hang up your shoes to dry

Hang up your Peloton shoes to dry after each ride. If you have more than one person using the bike, you might want to invest in a Peloton shoe holder.

Of course, if youre using the Tread and using running shoes regularly, youll want to toss them in the wash from time to time. The aforementioned lingerie bag is a good accessory to have for washing sneakers. In fact, you might want to buy twoone for each shoe. Then, hang the shoes up to dry. Never put sneakers in the dryer.

Here is my blog post thats all about how to get the sweat smell out of your workout clothes.

Cleaning your Peloton yoga mat

Another part of your Peloton routine that needs regular cleaning is your yoga mat. Sure, its just you using it, but over time your sweat can build up in the mat. Thats gross. Plus, it could lead to your mat degrading, which means youll have to buy a new one.

Heres why I recommend buying a yoga matand everything elsewith a lifetime guarantee. The Manduka PRO line of yoga mats come with such a warranty.

Wipe down your mat after your practice, each time, with any of the cleaning wipes Ive recommended, or with a cloth onto which youve sprayed cleaner. After wiping down, go over again with a dry towel or drape your mat over something so it can air dry.

My friend Holly Hammersmith has a great article that asks and answers the question, How clean is your yoga mat. I would highly recommend you check it out.

How Clean is Your Yoga Mat? Rash from Yoga Mat

Again, because Im recommending products that I have purchased on my own from Amazon, Ive created a shopping list on the site.

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