You Definitely Need a Bath Pillow To Upgrade Your Self-Care Soak—These Are the Best Ones

If you keep using a rolled-up towel as a bath pillow, we’re here to blow your mind. Or at least, make your bath time significantly more luxurious with just one new addition. As many of us can agree, baths are one of the cheapest forms of self-care, and they feel oh-so luxurious after a long day. All you technically need for a relaxing bath is a tub and hot water, but a line up of nice-to-have upgrades can make all the difference. One must-have bath accessory to take your experience to the next level? A bath pillow.

The right pillow can elevate your bath from “ouch” to “ahh,” trust. Below are 11 of the highest-ranked and most-loved pillows on the web. Grab your bath salts and a good book—and get ready to cozy up with one of these pillows for your tub.

Best bath pillow for straight back tubs

tbr pillow
TPR Material Bath Pillow — $20.00

If you have a straight back tub, finding a bath pillow that fits well is tricky. This pillow is on the smaller side, so it can be adjusted easily and moved around until you find your sweet spot. Once you do, this pillow won’t budge since it has 40(!) suction cups.

Best full body bath pillow

omystyle bath pillow
Omystyle Full Body Bath Pillow — $47.00

When a pillow for your head isn’t enough, a full body bath pillow does the trick. If your tub is a bit shallower than you’d like or you just want the extra plush support for your entire bod, this pillow delivers, and then some. The pillow comes with a mesh bag for machine washing and it has a convenient hanger on top for drying.

Best neck support bath pillow

everlasting pillow
Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow — $28.00

Cradle your head and neck with this ergonomic pillow made with soft foam and a mesh cover that dries fast. The pillow is adjustable to different types of tubs, so if you have a straight back or round tub, you can make the pillow work for you. With a solid 4.5-star review on Amazon out of over 3,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong with this comfy and supportive pick.

Best machine washable bath pillow

Kandoona Luxury Bathtub Pillow — $27.00

If you buy a bath pillow on the softer side, chances are you’ll want to wash it more since it’s not as easy to just shake off and dry as a vinyl-coated pillow. This pillow from Kandoona is made with a super-soft, cozy material that won’t stick to you when wet. Plus, you can toss it right in the wash (with the included mesh bag) and then hang it up to dry.

Best mildew-resistant bath pillow

target bath pillow
Bath Bliss Quick Dry Ultra Comfort Micro Mesh Sanitized Bath Pillow — $12.00

This pillow from Bath Bliss is a steal at under $15. If you’re worried about having a moldy, gross pillow hanging around in your bathroom, this one made with antimicrobial material will ease your mind. The special material plus the quick-dry mesh should prevent any moldy issues—just don’t forget to hang it up to dry when you’re done.

Best eco-friendly bath pillow

idle bath pillow
Idle Hippo Tencel Spa Bathtub Pillow — $15.00

Made from organic Tencel, a plant-based material, this bath pillow is soft and dries quickly. If you’re looking for a cushioned pillow, this one delivers at four inches in thickness. You can also toss this pillow in the washing machine, and it comes in a convenient hook to hang dry. One rave reviewer on Amazon said, “I’m only sad that I could have had one of these my whole life and am just now realizing how great baths could have been, but at least now they’re infinitely better.”

Best bath pillow that won't deflate

bath haven
Bath Haven Bath Pillow — $60.00

Some pillows feel great while they’re dry, but once they hit the water, it’s a different story. This full-body length bath pillow is made with several layers of material that keep it fluffy while submerged in the tub.

Best supportive bath pillow

bath pillow
Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow — $27.00

If your tub is on the shallow side like mine, chances are you need more cushioning and support to make it comfortable. This Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow is super cushion-y, thick, and it won’t slip around thanks to seven different suction cups to hold it in place. If you’re on the fence about a pillow, this one is tried-and-true with a near-perfect 4.5-star review out of over 15,000 reviews on Amazon.

Best extra-cushioned bath pillow

full body bath pillow
Famicci Full Body Bath Pillow — $50.00

Sometimes you need support and cushion beyond just your head and neck. The extra-thick cushioning on this full-body bath pillow will help you feel like you’re being cradled in a cloud. Dreamy, right?

Best bath pillow for back pain

bath pillow
Aerovivi Full Body Bath Pillow with Lumbar Pillow — $59.00

When you have back pain, even the most enjoyable things (like a bath) can feel, well not so enjoyable without the right support. Enter this adjustable, full-body bath pillow that has a lumbar support pillow. You can even move the lumbar pillow around depending on where you want it, and there’s also a head and neck support pillow included.

Best basic bath pillow

bino bath pillows
Bino Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow — $10.00

If a no-frills, basic bath pillow that does the job without a lot of fuss is your jam, this pillow is it. For just $10, this pillow will support and cradle your head and neck and stay put with secure suction cups. Once you’re done using it, all you need to do is rinse it out and lay out to dry, see? No fuss!

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