While today’s baths are designed to promote a soothing, wellness-inspired feeling, organization and technology remain strong influences, particularly in bath accessories

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Clean, clutter-free spaces are in high demand, which makes clever storage essential, while technology shows up in everything from charging stations and smart mirrors to streaming music.

Warm finishes and split finishes are also trending, while products that help to personalize the bath are perennially popular.

Below are some of the hottest trends in bath accessories right now.
Organization continues to be a key trend, with growing demand for accessories that enhance storage for a wide variety of products. Customized storage continues to be in high demand, with flexible drawers and compartments that can be configured for everything from make up and medicine to towels and grooming appliances. Finishes are getting warmer, while mixed finishes are also trending in both bath faucets and accessories; matte black remains a popular choice, and white is also seeing interest, often paired with shades of warm gold, rose gold or brushed brass. Charging stations have found their way into the bath, as consumers who take their phones everywhere want charging access throughout the home. Hide-away outlets are also becoming a highly desired bath addition with homeowners enjoying the convenience of having a hair dryer or flat iron that can be used, then tucked out of sight in a drawer with its own hidden outlet. Music is the new hot bath accessory, with streaming music the latest must-have for those who want a spa-like space where they can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying their favorite play list. Likewise, smart mirrors add a bit of tech for those who want to enjoy catching up on the news while getting ready for the day. Clean and clutter free looks remain on trend, which means accessories from grab bars to towel racks and paper holders are often designed to blend seamlessly into the overall decor. However, some accessories are being used as a focal point, including striking, artistically designed mirrors, self-contained plant gardens that thrive in shower steam and art pieces that bring a personal touch to the space.
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