Tips for Clean Kitchen Counters


Everyone wants a kitchen with clean counters that will surely serve us in many ways. It’s not just about the sharpness and order, but empty counters allow us to have more cooking space. Minimal counter clutter also means fewer items to clean because you can wipe counters easily—so cleared-off counters also tend to be clean and healthy counters, too.

The more you can get off of your counters and stored elsewhere, the better. Lose all the items you don’t need and put everything in place after you finished using it.

Here are some practical and creative ways that will help you store your kitchen items and enjoy an organized place:

1. Do not deposit your items on the counter

There is a key trick to have a clean-counter mission: store as much as you can away in cabinets and drawers. This way you’ll be saving countertop space only for the absolute essentials. Do not leave a dirty dish in the sink so that it doesn’t attract more. This affirmation might bring back childhood memories, but it is the same as the counter: a cleared-off counter is much more likely to stay that way.

2. Keep only what you need

Get rid of anything you don’t really need. This is the best way to create more space anywhere in your kitchen. You may have some duplicate kitchen tools that you rarely use or some coupons that stay in your way. Get rid of them as you don’t need that many kitchen tools unless you’re a cook.

3. Use a magnetic knife rack to hang out knives

Hang knives from a magnetic strip instead of taking up counter space with a bulky knife block. Your knives won’t take up any valuable horizontal surfaces, while they will still be just as accessible.

4. Organize items together

Groupings look meaningful and artistic instead of like stuff that has no other home. Placing items that live on your counters together in eye-pleasing vignettes gives a far more orderly appearance than items spread out across the whole space.

5. Don’t place your cookbooks on the counter

Your cookbooks are likely better off on a shelf up high, or even somewhere outside of the kitchen unless you’re truly referring to each of them, each day. This way you will save the space on the counter.

6. Use the top of the fridge to deposit items

Deposit items on the fridge to free up cabinet space and therefore kitchen counter space. While we may not store something utilitarian on top of the fridge for fear of it looking out of place, you will surely find some small items that you can place there.

7. Add hooks to your backsplash

Add a few removable adhesive hooks to your backsplash above or right next to the sink instead of keeping sink-side essentials (like a dish scrubber and tea towel) taking up space on the counter.

8. Store your items on the sides of the cabinets

A perfect solution for storing small kitchen tools is a hook-and-rail system. You could clear your whole utensil urn off the countertop by freeing up the space they take in your drawers.

Follow our tips and your kitchen will be cleaner and more organized.


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