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Fixing New York City’s Homelessness Crisis Is An American Priority by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.
by Mark Anthony Neal / 1d
Fixing New York City’s Homelessness Crisis Is An American Priority by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. | @DrBenChavis | NewBlackMan (in Exile) I congratulate New York City's Democratic mayoral nominee, Eric Adams. He will be a strong new mayor of our nation’s largest and most diverse city. Adams has promised to address homelessness in the city, a problem that has grown increasingly desperate as the CO

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Lynette Yiadom-Boakye in conversation with Thelma Golden
by Mark Anthony Neal / 2d
'As Tate Britain presents the first major survey of the work of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye , this is a unique opportunity to hear the artist discuss her practice. Yiadom-Boakye is in conversation with Thelma Golden , Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City. The event is introduced by Maria Balshaw , Director of Tate.'
Jim Chuchu: Why are Stolen African Artifacts Still in Western Museums?
by Mark Anthony Neal / 2d
'African artifacts shown in museums worldwide are often not borrowed, but stolen -- and TED Fellow Jim Chuchu is on a mission to get them back. Learn the sordid history behind how many of the collections in the West came to be, Chuchu's extensive work tracking and restoring Kenya's cultural heritage and what these efforts can mean for the wider African continent. An urgent call for institutions t
How Racist Propaganda Inspired Riots in America's Biggest Cities
Black American Tulsa
by Mark Anthony Neal / 2d
'In 1915 the president, Woodrow Wilson , screened the movie Birth of a Nation at the White House – a film that depicts Black men as brutal people who desire white women. Meanwhile white supremacist groups were writing school curriculums and news media were painting Black men as animalistic beings who attacked white women. This set the scene for a week of racial violence targeting Black Americans
The Real News Network: Remembering Gloria Richardson
by Mark Anthony Neal / 3d
' The Real News Network Executive Producer and former Black Panther Eddie Conway talks to author and activist Dominique Conway about Gloria Richardson , a fierce activist who led a multi-year campaign against segregation in Cambridge, Maryland. Richardson, who died July 15, 2021, was not as widely known as other civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. or Fannie Lou Hamer . Nevertheless,

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A Win for Felony Offender Enfranchisement in North Carolina
by Mark Anthony Neal / 4d
'A North Carolina judicial panel declared that roughly 56,000 formerly incarcerated individuals “can register to vote and cast ballots.” This specifically applies to individuals who are felons, served their time and are out on parole. It would also include people “convicted of a federal felony” but have probation as their punishment. State lawmakers who are defendants in the case promise to file

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Colman Domingo & Nia DaCosta on Updating ‘Candyman’ From a Black Perspective
by Mark Anthony Neal / 4d
'The 1992 movie — from director Bernard Rose and starring Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd as Candyman — was followed up by two sequels. Yet the 2021 movie marks the first time that Daniel Robitaille’s story of being transformed into Candyman is told by a group of primarily Black creatives. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II , Colman Domingo & Nia DaCosta explained to Variety why viewing this tale through a Blac
Your Music Saved My Life: Ledisi Talks With Lara Downes
by Mark Anthony Neal / 5d
'The versatile and impassioned singer Ledisi was ready to throw in the towel, she tells Amplify With Lara Downes , until she heard a message in a Nina Simone song that told her, "You're going be fine. I understand how you feel. Keep going".

AUG 29

How the US Made Affordable Homes Illegal
by Mark Anthony Neal / 5d
'Housing prices in the US were a problem long before 2020 — and while demand is a big part of the story, there’s an even bigger reason it’s increasingly difficult for Americans to find affordable housing: We don’t have enough houses. According to one estimate, the US is now facing a nearly four-million-home shortage. And the primary reason for that shortage is what’s called exclusionary zoning. Z
Black Entrepreneurs in Cannabis Industry Push for a Piece of the Profits
by Mark Anthony Neal / 5d
' Black people comprise only a small percentage of those profiting from the burgeoning legalized pot market, according to state data. Public initiatives and private funds, like one started by Jay-Z, aim to boost minority participation.' -- Wall Street Journal
Cooking and Conversation with Marcus Samuelsson, Julie Mehretu, and Rujeko Hockley
by Mark Anthony Neal / 5d
'During this special event at the Whitney Museum of American Art , chef Marcus Samuelsson and artist Julie Mehretu , along with Rujeko Hockley , the Whitney’s Arnhold Associate Curator, talk about art, food, and much more. Both born in Ethiopia and now New York-based, Samuelsson and Mehretu have been friends for decades. Despite working in different fields, they hold each other’s work in the high

AUG 28

'Candyman' Gets An Update, And The Horror Is Gentrification
by Mark Anthony Neal / 6d
'Legend has it that if you say "Candyman" in front of a mirror five times, you'll summon the spirit of a terrifying killer with a hook for a hand, who's constantly surrounded by a swarm of bees. That's the premise of the 1992 horror movie Candyman , about a white Chicago grad student who becomes obsessed with an urban myth haunting Black residents of the notorious Cabrini-Green housing projects.
Lee Morgan's Most Dynamic Band is Revealed in Full on 'The Complete Live at the Lighthouse'
by Mark Anthony Neal / 6d
' Lee Morgan , the incandescent trumpeter, led one of the greatest bands of the early 1970s — a short-lived but multifaceted quintet, expansive in both attitude and approach. Featuring multi-reedist Bennie Maupin , pianist Harold Mabern , bassist Jymie Merritt and drummer Mickey Roker , this ensemble spent a productive weekend in Hermosa Beach, Calif, in the summer of 1970 — with Blue Note Record
TheBlerdGurl Podcast with Karama Horne: How Xmiramira is Unapologetically Creating Space for Black Gamers
by Mark Anthony Neal / 6d
'If you are an avid player of The Sims, a life simulation game that let’s players design the lives of simulated characters and watch as they “live” out their scripts, then you know that game has change a lot over the last 20 years. In this episode TheBlerdGurl Podcast , host Karama Horne talks to guest Amira Virgil (aka @Xmiramira) who got tired of seeing the same light or shite characters with t
Police Power is an Expanding Force: On Cops as a Threat, and Abolition as a Promise
by Mark Anthony Neal / 6d
'Writer Geo Maher joins This is Hell! to discuss the rational resistance of mass anti-police protests, abolition's long work from Reconstruction to the George Floyd uprisings, and his book A World Without Police: How Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete from Verso.' This is Hell! · Police power is an expanding force: On cops as a threat, and abolition as a promise.
Black Players In Baseball Make Up Less Than 10% Of The Sport Today. Why?
by Mark Anthony Neal / 6d
'Black participation in Major League Baseball has declined for years — and The Washington Post spent this baseball season trying to understand why. In the 1970s, Black baseball players made up about 20% of MLB. Today, that number has dropped to nearly 8%. The Post launched a project called “The Nine” centered around the profiles of nine legendary baseball players. Chelsea Janes, national baseball

AUG 27

Broadway's Latest Season Centers Black Theater Artists
by Mark Anthony Neal / 7d
'Broadway producers are doing something a little different this season: actively supporting and celebrating the work of Black artists. All seven of the news plays premiering this season on Broadway were written by Black playwrights, a testament to the activism displayed by Black theater artists over the course of the pandemic. Maya Phillips , critic at large for The New York Times , and Vinson Cu
What Sundown Towns Represent For Black Drivers Today
by Mark Anthony Neal / 8d
'Author Candacy Taylor spent all summer documenting Green Book sites and exploring how Black Americans can travel safely across the U.S in 2021. Taylor’s latest book, “Overground Railroad: The Green Book and the Roots of Black Travel in America," examines the historical role and the impact of the Green Book — a travel guide printed from 1936 to 1967 to help Black Americans find safe places to sta

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