This one product makes showering so much better

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In my mind, I’m a professional beauty blogger on YouTube. I talk to the bathroom mirror pretending I’m chatting with my “fans”. I make crazy Snapchat videos that I send to my friends, imitating when those influencers put on makeup. The one thing I don’t do that those influencers do? Actually try new beauty products.

Yes, I read practically every list of “beauty must-haves” I stumble upon online and religiously watch YouTubers try out different creams and goos—but I never actually purchase anything new. Call it being frugal. Call it being lazy. But guess what? I finally caved once I legitimately could not escape ads for one thing—a Japanese bath cloth. And yes, it’s a game changer.

This is not a regular bath towel to wrap yourself up in after you shower. No, this magical little tool is made to live in your shower and give your skin the second chance it deserves. Throw out the washcloth, throw out the loofah, it’s time to invest in a Japanese bath cloth.
What is a Japanese bath cloth? Credit: Kate McCarthy
Please appreciate the fact that I brought my phone INTO THE SHOWER with me in order to take these phenomenal photos.

Ok, hear me out. Yes, this looks like a long strip of cheesecloth. Yes, it also has the texture of sandpaper. But that is exactly why it is so amazing. This bath cloth is meant for exfoliating in the shower, using your favorite soap or shower gel. And best of all? They aren’t terrible for your skin like loofahs (but more on that later).

Since the cloth is 35 inches long, it makes it perfect to hold in both hands while you scrub your back, and easy to bunch up into a tiny ball to really work on those typically scaly places, like your feet. All you need is a dollop or two of body wash and those suds will last your entire shower.

As an added bonus, this bad boy is also machine washable. Yup, just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your towels and whatever grossness that is left on it will be gone in a wash cycle. I don’t put mine in the dryer, I just hang it to air dry. Since it’s so porous, when I hang it to dry at night, it’s always ready to go by my morning shower.
Why do you need a Japanese bath cloth? Credit: Kate McCarthy
My Japanese bath towel, hanging on the bench in my shower and also over my shower head.

The first time after I used my cloth in the shower, I stepped out to dry myself off and honestly felt like I had lost 5 pounds. What was this feeling? I had FINALLY found a product that could actually exfoliate all of my dead skin away. I’m not just talking arms and legs. I’m talking back, chest, torso, feet, shoulders, EVERYTHING (except your face, please don’t use this on your face).

Now that you’re equally as obsessed with this Japanese bath cloth as I am, please throw out your loofah. Burn it, recycle it, chuck it out your window. Whatever you do, please stop using it. Loofahs are notorious for being hotbeds of bacteria and are basically like taking a germ ridden ball and rubbing it all over yourself. This is the exact opposite purpose of why you shower. This madness must be stopped. Plus, who out there has ever seen a fully dried out loofah the next day? All the ones I’ve used in the past have always been slightly damp since the first moment of use, never to be dry once more. Again, bacteria. Disgusting.

Unlike those gross loofahs, these cloths completely dry after each use, ready for your next shower. I have a folding bench in my shower, which I fold up and hang the cloth to dry on once I’m done. But you could also hang it over your shower head or even on a hook in your bathroom once you’re finished with it.
Are Japanese bath cloths worth it? Credit: Salux
Salux washcloths are the cult favorite of all Japanese washcloths.

I literally took time out of my life to basically pen a love letter to them in this article so yes, they are absolutely worth it. I’ve been using mine for a couple of months now and the results have been significant. Scrubbing with this glorious cloth has left my skin softer and smoother than it ever has been. Plus, I’ve seen a reduced amount of ingrown hairs, which honestly, is a minor miracle.

Not only does this cloth give me results that I can visibly see on my skin, but the convenience factor is phenomenal. I can leave it hanging in my shower and not have to worry about it becoming a gross breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, being able to toss it into the washing machine gives me peace of mind that I’m using a clean cloth on my body, and not just a poof of plastic filled with dead skin cells.
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