Small space hacks to make your bathroom feel larger

House of Rohl’s Stylist, Fiona Gould, shares her top tips for making a smaller bathroom feel bigger.

Victoria + Albert’s iOS bath. Image: smitharc + Jason Erik Smith Photography
  • A compact bath gives the illusion of a luxurious freestanding bath but doesn’t impact greatly on the floorspace.
  • Keep all hardware and tapware the same colour to keep the look feeling cohesive.
  • Large mirrors over the vanity help to bounce extra light around the room and give the illusion of more space.
Victoria + Albert’s Edge 45 basin. Image: Atelier Barda + Adrien Williams Photography
  • A floating vanity also gives the illusion of more space. Where possible keep items up off the floor.
Stylist Fiona Gould
  • Vessel sinks take up less space on your vanity and give the illusion of more room. Opt for a curved form to soften the look further, like the Drayton Round Sink from Victoria + Albert.
  • Opt for wall-mounted faucets for your sink and bath. These feel more streamlined and out of the way.
Victoria + Albert’s Amalfi 55 basin (Lindye Galloway + Ryan Garvin Photography)
  • Natural light is the key to a space feeling bright and spacious. Make the most of your windows and look at adding a skylight above the shower or bath for the ultimate update.
Victoria + Albert’s Eldon freestanding bath. Image: Elite Bathroomware + Bathrooms by Elite
  • You don’t always need a large towel rack in a smaller bathroom, instead opt for something more compact like a simple wall hook or the Wall Mount Glass Wall Shelf from Perrin & Rowe.

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