Six Bathroom Accessories Every Busy Family Needs


Life moves fast. If youre not careful, youll miss a perfectly wonderful opportunity to make the family bathroom a much happier, more efficient place. And, as an homage to efficiency, weve done all the research to create a list of the must-haves to make your bathroom accessories fun and functional.

1. Low-Water Shower Head

Its easy to forget just how much water a family uses in a single day, at least until the water bill is due. Counting showers, baths, and drinking, the average American family uses more than 80 gallons in a single day. This can be especially money-saving for shower heads installed before 1992 when water flow was more than twice the current maximum. For a nominal fee, your family can enjoy a high-efficiency/low-flow shower head while you enjoy lower water bills.

2. Powerful Potties

Toilets are the single largest user of water in the home, accounting for as much as 28 percent of water use. Replacing an old toilet with a new more efficient model can cut water usage in half, calculated at approximately 180,000 gallons of water a year. Dual-flush toilets save even more. Youll be flush with all the cash youll save using your new, efficient toilet.

3. Fierce Faucets

The average household faucet is guilty of supplying 15 to 18 percent of indoor water consumption. Bathroom faucets with water saving aerators and touch-free faucets can reduce water consumption while delivering the same sparkly clean hands you want.

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4. Get Organized

Nothing wastes more time than searching for the elusive toothpaste, toilet paper, or washcloth. Get organized with beautifully designed bathroom cabinetry, shelves, and vanity accessories. Cotton swabs will be at your fingertips and tissues will always be handy.

5. Hooked on Classics

Often an afterthought, robe hooks are essential to a well-designed bathroom. Offering easy access to after-bath attire, robe hooks come in a large variety of finishes and styles that can easily be matched to existing decor.

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6. Happiness Is a Warm Towel

Towel racks are the perfect addition to a busy bathroom, allowing multiple towels to dry off and supplying easy access. Towel warmers are also a nice touch, providing a cozy finish to bath time.

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Try these easy fixes and watch your water bill go down while your happiness level and time savings go up. Check out all thesenecessary accessoriesat Kingston Brass.


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