Simple And Beautiful Medal Display Ideas for Every Win

Looking for a way to display your medals? Want ideas on how to make your own medal display stand?

Whether you want to fill a whole wall or a small corner, you’ll find an IKEA hack that will do just that.

Check out our five simple ideas for DIY medal display!

1. Long display wall shelf for trophies and medals

trophy and medal display shelf ikea hack
IRJA curtain rod with ring finial held up with cup hooks

Just knocked up a long medal and trophy display wall shelf using 2 IKEA items. It was very affordable with total spend coming up to £16. Even had leftover parts for a bonus hack.

Supplies needed:

2 x MOSSLANDA picture ledges, white, 55 cm plus 155 cm
1 x IRJA curtain rod set, white, 140 cm
2 x cup hooks

The first step is to wall mount the MOSSLANDA picture ledges side by side. Install it according to IKEA instructions. Just make sure both ledges are level.

Measure where the IRJA curtain rods end on the MOSSLANDA and make a mark. Then drill small pilot holes on the underside of the MOSSLANDA picture ledges for the cup hooks. These cup hooks will hold up the ring finials at the end the IRJA curtain rod. Screw in the cup hooks on both ends of the MOSSLANDA and hang up the IRJA curtain rod.

Loop your medal ribbons over the curtain rod, set your trophies on the shelf and it’s done.

IRJA curtain rod hooks used to hold up planter

Bonus! The unused hook brackets from the IRJA curtain rod set came in handy to hang up the KAPKRUSBÄR hanging planter. These are normally up to £6 on Amazon!

~ by Gaynor

2. DIY trophy and medal display wall

DIY trophy and medal display ideas

IKEA items used: 

IKEA Picture Ledge
KALLRÖR handle

(You can use any wooden picture ledges from IKEA such as the MOSSLANDA or MÅLERÅS. If you want to repurpose older ones like the MARIETORP or RIBBA this IKEA hack will work too. The only thing to note is to get a straight handle bar that is slightly shorter than the length of your chosen picture ledge. For this DIY, I used the MARIETORP picture ledge.)

The problem was the base of the trophies could not fit inside the IKEA picture ledge, so I decided to turn the picture ledge over and let the base of the trophies stick out a bit.

First, I screwed one of the KALLRÖR handle onto the top of the IKEA picture ledge. Then, I turned the picture ledge upside down and mounted it to the wall. And that’s it — a trophies and medal rack! 

Absolutely optional but I added vinyl letters at the top of the display rack for a bit of motivation.

~ by Susan Lim

3. Medal hanger and race bib display

It doesn’t matter if you are a champion or an amateur athlete, if you have earned some medals it is great to put your accomplishments on display. There are several readymade medal hangers but I preferred to make one on my own.


BYGEL grey/silver rail (discontinued. Similar on Amazon)
RIBBA Picture Ledge (discontinued, use the MOSSLANDA instead, 2 sizes available)
RIKTIG curtain hooks with clip

DIY trophy and medal display ideas
DIY trophy and medal display ideas using IKEA picture ledge and towel rail

I used two IKEA products for this. The first one was the black RIBBA picture ledge and the second the grey/silver BYGEL rail.

First, I attached the rail on the underside of the picture ledge using four small screws (two on each side) and then I attached this assembly on the wall in the same manner as I would attach the picture ledge on its own.

Both items have a width of 55cm (21 3/4″) so combining them in this way was very easy. The rail is used to hang the medals and the picture ledge is used to place small cups, memorabilia and photographs from the races.

Furthermore, the RIKTIG curtain hook with clip can be used to hang the race bibs from the rail too. Note that the hooks will need to be widened slightly to be able to be hanged on the rail.

DIY trophy and medal display ideas using IKEA picture ledge and towel rail
BYGEL rail fittings
RIKTIG hook on BYGEL rail holding up race bib

4. Wooden race medal display holder

I’ve collected quite a few medals from my runs and triathlons over the past few years and wanted a way to display them. Medal holders can be bought, but we had this CD rack (and all digitized music) at home so I re-purposed it.

(If you don’t have an old IKEA CD rack lying around, you can do the same with the BEKVÄM spice rack. Mount the spice rack upside down and hang the medals from the rod.)

Materials and tools: 

CD Rack (such as the BENNO)
Long wood dowel

Trophy and medal display ideas IKEA hack

1. Take out all the divider shelves.
2. Find the center of each shelf by drawing a line from each corner making an X in the center.
3. Using a drill, make a hole in the center of each shelf.
4. On the frame, drill extra mounting holes through the back. Now the CD rack is a display shelf.
5. Reattach each end shelf and at least one middle shelf to the main CD unit. If you leave out the middle shelf, the dowel sags a bit.
6. Attach to wall and slide dowel through the drilled holes in the shelves.
7. Decorate!

* Be sure to drill holes at least 1/8″ larger than your dowel or it won’t slide through easily.
* I think this same hack could be used in a craft room to hang ribbons and wrapping paper.

~ by Tracey

5. Swivelling Medal Display

Swivelling medal display stand


GRUNDTAL towel hanger (discontinued, use a BROGRUND instead. The BROGRUND is extendable to allow for even more display areas)

We was brainstorming medal display ideas when we come up with this. It’s more of a repurposing than a true hack. We used a GRUNDTAL towel hanger to hold our race medals. The towel bars swing out, allowing more depth in the display. It’s easy to add medals and rearrange by just slipping them on the towel bars, and the ribbons don’t get squished like a hook display.

~ by Melanie B.

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