Mum Clones Vulva, Turns it Into Keyring for Teen Son

JUST KIDDING! BAHAHHAHA. I can picture out how horrified you are.

But for those of you who are discreetly planning to clone your vagina, or more accurately, your vulva, then you’ve come to the right place.

Can I just say that you are not alone. Cloning your vagina is actually a trend now.

How To Clone Your Vag

In the first place, it’s important to clarify that cloning the vagina does not result in the creation of an actual model of the vagina – I can only picture the havoc it would cause with the moulding gel if that happened.

This is done instead by creating a pretty realistic duplicate of the vulva — the external parts.

The moulding procedure is yes… awkward — you just fill a little plastic bedpan with alginate and push it up against your nether regions.

This is not a sexy procedure at all!!

You should wait until there isn’t a single person in the home, and there isn’t likely to be for at least an hour before you try it yourself.


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After covering the carpet with a blanket or towel, you should layer old newspapers on top of it.

This thing is a shambles!!

It’s important that the tiny pan be filled to the full with the mixed alginate and then pushed firmly against your body until it sets so that you get a good imprint from the mould.

What this implies in practice is that you’ll be kneeling on the floor for long enough to develop serious arm soreness as well as pins and needles.

I’ve seen videos of people using this kit and reclining back as they apply the mould, but I’m stumped as to how they achieve it without gravity driving the gloop into any other open pores.

At this point, your only option is to clutch the fun pot tight to your tender parts and try not to dwell on the bigger questions of life.

Here are some ideas on where to buy vagina or vulva casting kits and the many ways to use it……in case you’re interseted.

Gift it to your ex!

Make your ex realize that he has missed something SOOO good!! Send him your mould right away!

Try to copy this mould from Etsy or just this to them right away!

Realistic Vagina Silicone Mold Vagina mold for Candy Baking image 1

Do it with your SO and gift it to him/her

Want to spice up your relationship? Try moulding your lady bits with your SO! The kit also comes with a video tutorial so you won’t have to guess your way down there!

Kast-a-Kitty Vagina Molding Lifecasting Kit Do It Yourself image 3
How To Clone Your Vagina


Proudly display your twat and let people stare! You can even personalize and paint this based on your actual skin color or however you want it!

3d Printed vagina vulva clitoris sexual labia anatomy image 3

Chocolate Moulding Kit

Such a great hen’s night activity. Grab your naughty gals with you and make little sweet chocolates — shaped as vaginas!!

Vaginas Chocolate Mold or Vagina Lips and Butt Mold Boob | Etsy

Coffee Coasters

Fire up your morning coffees with these coasters!

4 Set Vagina Coasters / Vulva Print Wood Coasters / Drinks image 1

Pussy plates

A pair of pussy plates is the ideal item for storing your jewellery, tampons, or condoms in!

Pussy Plates image 1
How To Clone Your Vagina

Vagina Soap

Wash your body with this creamy looking and luscious vagina soap!

Creamy Vagina. image 1

Vagina Resin (you can turn this into a lamp!!)

Hook up some LED lights into it and make it a lamp…shine brightly you glorious vulva!

Penis with vagina resin sculpture image 1

Got Some More Ideas? Let Us Know!

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