Let us hook you up with the best Command hooks

Permanent hooks should be a thing orf the past. If you are renting, or just careful with your home, then Command hooks are the way to go. They can secure to your walls without the need for screws or nails and can be removed with just a tug of the sticky strip. We've put together some of the best Command hooks around to help you make the right choices.


Brushed metal look Command hooks

Staff Pick

The metal effect on these Command hooks looks impressively realistic, and each of them can hold 5lbs. These would look excellent in any home, and you would never know they aren't a permanent fixture. Buy these if you want to add class to your hanging space.

$14 at Amazon

Keep it clean

Broom/Mop Grippers

Without these brilliant broom holders, my cleaning closet would be a lot more disorganized. These hooks fit a lot of different size brooms and mops and can hold up to 4lbs each, making them perfect for any cleaning equipment.

$10 at Amazon

Purpose built

Wire back hangers

Picture frames with wire hangars are annoying; we all know it. With these specially designed hooks, though, they become easy to hang and great to view. These are a simple solution to an age-old problem, and they are cheap too!

$7 at Amazon


Bathroom hooks

Did you know that hanging your towel up after use helps it to dry quicker, and reduces the bacteria that can grow on it? You do now. Buy these hooks for your bathroom so your towel can swing free!

$8 at Amazon

The spice of life

Command hook variety pack

Maybe you don't know what job you are going to need a Command hook for, but you know you'll need one soon. This variety pack lets you pick and choose the perfect hook for the job.

$16 at Amazon

Crystal clear

Command jewelery hooks

Sometimes practical isn't enough. If, like me, you need practicality and beauty in your life, then these crystal styled jewelry hooks are for you. These hooks can only hold 2lbs, so go careful with what you put on them, but still, so pretty!

$8 at Amazon

Chunky and strong

Jumbo Command hook

When you need a big hook for a big job, then you have to go jumbo. This hook holds 7,5lbs and is so big Captain Hook would be jealous. I use it for hanging my backpack and my winter coat, and it handles it beautifully.

$5 at Amazon

You're hooked!

Command hooks are one of those little gadgets that you should always have around the house. I have a drawer full of them that I can put up at a moment's notice. The Brushed metal effect hooks are a personal favorite as they blend in so well with the rest of the decor. They are robust too, holding up to 5lbs each, and can be used for tasks from holding up curtains as Command shows, or hanging extension cords on like I do.

If you aren't sure what you are going to the Command hooks for, or you know you are going to need a bunch of them, you should pick up the variety pack. With 20 hooks of varying sizes you can be sure to have the right hook for the job. If you are moving into a new home or dorm, the Command variety pack will give you instant hanging space to keep your floors clear of unwanted clutter.

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