How To Keep RV Drawers Closed While Driving

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Keep drawers and cabinets from opening while driving with these useful latches and door locks. Photos via Shutterstock

The Best RV Drawer Latches & Cabinet Locks For RVs

Drawers opening while driving is a common annoyance among RV owners. Motorhome owners may be aware of the problem as they drive and might be able to pull over and close the offending drawers. Those of us who tow aren’t aware of the problem and may reach our destination just to find drawers open with their contents strewn everywhere. 

If either of these describes your situation, we have great solutions for you. In this article, we’ll tell you how to keep RV drawers and cabinets closed while driving.

1.  Install invisible babyproof RV door latches

These babyproofing latch locks have a hook on the inside edge of the drawer and a buckle stopper to effectively stop drawers from sliding open unless you want them to. They are quite sturdy and can hold up to 25 lbs of weight. 

The latches are designed to function easily, so you won’t have to struggle to get the drawers open or closed when you need to.

2. Keep drawers closed with magnetic RV drawer locks

Magnetic drawer locks are another item we can borrow from the babyproofing section of These drawer locks keep drawers closed while you drive using a powerful magnet system. 

They go on the inside of the drawer and are installed with strong adhesives, so you won’t have to drill any holes. The cool part about these RV drawer latches is that they come with a special magnetic key that can be used to deactivate them when you aren’t traveling.    

3. Use magnetic drawer catches 

Magnetic drawer catches aren’t quite as secure as babyproofing drawer locks. However, their powerful magnets will usually keep drawers safely closed as you travel. 

Magnetic drawer catches are fuss-free, requiring no fidgeting when you need to get into a drawer. These are easily installed with their strong adhesive backing and should work well in most applications. 

4. Babyproofing cabinet lock straps

If for some reason you can’t use drawer latches or magnetic drawer catches, you can always use babyproofing cabinet lock straps to secure drawers while you travel. These straps are installed on the exterior of drawers and are fairly easy to latch and unlatch.  

5.  Use a rolled-up rug to keep RV drawers closed during travel

This tip is just for when you need to keep a floor-level drawer closed during travel. Use a rolled-up rug or towel wedged in between the bottom of the drawer and the floor. This simple hack is easy to do and might be all you need to keep floor-level drawers closed.  

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