Baby Born Surprise Offers Your Kids Hours of Imaginative Play

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Spending time indoors doesn’t mean kids have to be bored, rather it gives them a chance to explore their imaginations. Baby Born Surprise, with its nurturing baby dolls that are ready for feeding, bathing and diapering, are packed with surprises and perfect for supplying kids with hours of imagination and story time fun.

Baby Born Surprise dolls are lifelike babies and pets. They’re super cute and full of surprises, and kids can have the experience of caring for a baby through activities like bathing and diaper changing. We know that kids love to play with baby dolls, and Baby Born Surprise takes that playtime to a new imaginative level by adding in surprises and fantastical details.

There are tons of different Baby Born Surprise sets. Here’s a look at three of the most popular ones.

Baby Born Surprise Bottle House Playset — Little ones will never be bored as they play with their Baby Born Surprise small dolls and pets in the Bottle House Playset. This playset is one of a kind, because it’s the only adorable playset out there that’s designed for small, collectible baby dolls. It has several interactive play areas for the dolls, including a crib, nursery, changing table and a working bathtub that actually sprays water. It can also be closed and used as storage for the Baby Born Surprise dolls and pets. This playset comes with an exclusive Baby Born Surprise doll whose hair actually changes color.

Baby Born Surprise Dolls — Your kiddo will love their little doll that is so detailed and adorable. Each doll has so many fun features like drinking from bottle, going to the bathroom, a color-changing diaper and eye color reveal. Dolls are bundled in the cutest swaddles, and come with a bottle and pacifier. Every doll has more than 10 surprises to reveal. Kids will never be bored discovering all of them.

Baby Born Surprise Pets — Every doll (and their owner) needs to have a pet! Baby Born Surprise pets have a fun and dramatic color change feature. Kids can give their pets a bath and even see the pet change into an entirely different animal. Each pet comes bundled in cute swaddles with a keychain hook, and a little pet towel and bathtub. Each pet has more than eight surprises to reveal.

With Baby Born Surprise, your kiddo will be entertained and using their imagination for hours. Check out the website for free printable coloring and game activity sheets.

Create the perfect Easter bundle gift for your daughter with the Baby Born Surprise Bottle House Playset and a few Baby Born Surprise Dolls and Pets! Buy them online now!

—Leah R. Singer
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