A Microfiber Hair Towel Will Change How You Get Ready Post Shower

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Stepping into today like…

We’re all about ways to make your mornings better and while many of us are working from home right now, it’s nice to have some things that can make life a bit easier these day.

Two of our awesome team members are sharing their favorite microfiber hair towel wraps!

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Bryn first tried her hair towel from a recent FabFitFun box and she’s totally obsessed, which originally prompted our whole excitement about this post-shower trend.

I received my hair towel in my last FabFitFun box a few months ago and I’m seriously in LOVE with it! I really love that I can jump out of the shower, quickly dry off and wrap my body in a regular bath towel and then flip over my wet hair and wrap it up in this hair towel in literally seconds. And the best part is that this hair towel is super secure so it stays in place (and absorbs lots of water) while you apply makeup, get dressed etc. It’s also super small so it would be easy to throw in a suitcase when you travel!” 

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Here are the reasons why you may need a microfiber hair towel wrap in your life:

  • It’s made of microfiber material so it’s extremely absorbent & fast drying.
  • Cuts down on the amount of time needed to use a hairdryer which ultimately is better for your hair.
  • Small enough to pack and take with you on the go to the gym or vacation (when all of these places open again, of course).
  • It’s lightweight and much more comfortable to have on your head as opposed to a huge bath towel.

woman wearing pink hair towel looking in mirror smiling

  • Easy to use and comes with a button at the bottom so your towel stays in place.
  • Contributes to less frizz and healthier hair with its soft material and less drying time needed.
  • They’re super affordable because the ones we love are just under $11 for a THREE PACK!

Angie on our team (and her hubby! 😉) wanted to know what all the fuss was about too…

“I had purchased a microfiber hair towel one other time and was really not happy with the way it washed up or worked. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical when purchasing this one, but since Bryn had sang the praises, I thought it was definitely worth a shot.

This hair towel is so incredibly soft. I was actually worried that it was too soft and wouldn’t do the job. However, I totally love it. This super-soft hair towel stayed put on my head and did a fantastic job of wringing out my hair. I also love the button on the back to hold it in place – it works really well and is easy to hook, too.

Can you tell my hubby is a fan as well?! Haha!”

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