9 Places in the Kitchen We Forget to Clean. This Is Where Hazardous Mold Lurks…

All kitchens have got their nooks and crannies. Make sure your cleaning cloths and sponges reach them before mold spreads all over the place.

#1 Kitchen sponge


Damp and food leftovers are a great hotbed for fungus and bacteria. Remember to replace them regularly. Check here how you can easily disinfect it.

#2 Vegetable drawer


Ripe vegetables and refrigerator damp – a real paradise for mold. Taking out some products one at a time you may fail to notice that there is something going on the bottom. Remember to take out the drawers every few weeks and clean them well as well as the space they are in the refrigerator.

#3 Drainer under the refrigerator


Some refrigerators have got a gap or a drained underneath where pieces of food fall easily. Plus the water there. In case you have never done it, make sure next time you clean your kitchen that this is what you will see to as well.

#4 Dishwasher


As you already know, water means dampness. And dampness means fungus. Although dishwashers wash and disinfect dishes, they need some help themselves. How? Once the washing-up cycle is over, open the door a little so that steam won’t condense so easily

#5 Kitchen blender


Whenever there are some liquids around, fungus and bacteria are bound to appear sooner or later. If you don’t want to serve mold-cocktails, let your blender get completely dry after it’s cleaned, before you eventually put it away into a drawer or a cabinet.

#6 Microwave oven


One might think that there is no way that mold can get inside a microwave oven. The truth is somewhat contrary: old smears and stains are perfect location for microorganisms to grow. Fortunately, cleaning a microwave oven is really easy.

#7 Coffeemaker


A morning coffee with a pinch of mold? No, thanks!
If you don’t want to have a ‘surprise drink’, remember to clean your coffeemaker on regular basis. Don’t forget about the milk pipe!

#8 A sink full of dishes


A sink with a pile of dishes does not look good. I guess we all have already built a tower of dishes ‘that could wait’. If you need some extra motivation, don’t forget that it is better (and cheaper) to wash a dirty (or sometimes even moldy) pot than throw it away and buy a new one.

#9 Damp clothes


Don’t leave your kitchen towels anywhere. If you forget them, they are a funfair for molds. Irrespective of whether this is an oven handle or a towel hook, make sure you wash them and dry regularly.

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