9 Affordable (Budget) Powder Room Designs (But LOTS Of Inspo And Products For Full Bath Renos)

We keep saying that “so many people are renovating” right now but IT’S TRUE. We feel that most of the focus has been on kitchens which we totally get. But bathrooms are second on the list. So because of this, we thought we would update a really awesome post that we did a few years about. Why? Well, well who doesn’t love a pre-designed, EHD approved, AFFORDABLE bathroom combo. So I updated all of the products and even add a couple of fresh ones:) Now, these are for powder rooms but they could easily be translated for full bathroom renos. Enjoy!

The powder room AKA half bathroom – although typically the smallest of all the rooms in your house, can be an opportunity to make a big statement for you and your guests. Because these bathrooms are small and often not a room that you spend a lot of time in, you have a huge opportunity to do something unique and fun in there, but it’s not a room in which I splurge for obvious reasons. So we’ve taken on the task and designed 9 budget-friendly powder rooms for you. All of these below lean more on the affordable side and everything in them is off the shelf and ready to order or pick up in-store. Let’s get into it:

Wallpaper | Towel Ring | Mirror | Pendant | Faucet | Sink | Paint | Counter | Hand Towel | Toilet

Graphic and Monochrome: A black and white color palette does not equal boring. Especially when you start with a REALLY cool wallpaper like this one from Bobby Berk. The key to keeping things graphic is to go for simple and clean shapes. Also balancing straight lines like in the wallpaper, sink, and toilet with round shapes like the mirror, pendant, and towel ring will make it feel interesting instead of one-note.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: silver lake hills master bath reveal

Tile | Hand Towel | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Sconce | Paint | Toilet | Towel Ring

Bright and Traditional: At just over 1k for all the bathroom materials this one pretty impressively affordable for a traditional setup. The tile and traditional details are something that will always be in style but the light blue paint color helps it from feeling too boring and predictable.

Tile | Bath Towel | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity | Sconce | Wallpaper | Towel Ring | Toilet | Toliet Seat

Modern Eclectic: This is a new one! With our on-goings about EGG, ee thought why not go a little wild in this combo. The quirky wallpaper and towel ring make a really fun statement and contrast perfectly with the more modern mirror, scones, and vanity. Then for a pop of color why not have a blush hand towel?? The toilet is a nice balance of traditional and modern but with a black seat, it gives it a little more of that old-world vibe we want for this bathroom.

Tile | Hand Towel | Mirror | Faucet | Sink and Drain | Pendant | Hook | Paint | Counter | Toilet

California Casual: Because what we dubbed “california casual” became one of the most popular series on the blog we decided to pull together a bathroom inspired by that vibe. It has some industrial-inspired elements in it like the edison bulb light and shelf mirror but the textural tones and that spanish tile floor sound very inviting.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: scott’s bathroom makeover with parachute

Tile | Hook | Mirror | Vanity + Sink | Faucet + Drain | Pendant | Hand Towel | Paint | Toilet

Geometric Spanish: In case you missed our post on what splurge worth tile or wallpaper can do for a room, click through here. But this tile is doing all the talking in this bathroom and is saying all the right things. To make it a little more playful and colorful, we added that green vanity (that comes with the sink and a different faucet but we like that brass one) and the really sweet pendant! Then to play off the circular nature of the pendant we chose a hand towel to complement it. And if you notice even the toilet as a geometric thing happening:)

Tile | Hook | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity + Sink | Sconces | Hand Towels | Paint | Toilet

Wood and White: For those of you that like less of everything – including color in your powder room then this one is for you. It is minimal yet still warm what with those hits of wood in the vanity, hook, lighting, and the mirror. And that floor tile looks textural and graphic without introducing something busy and fussy into a small bathroom.

Wallpaper | Tile | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity | Towel Ring | Towel | Sconce | Toilet  | Tank | Seat & Cover

Modern Tropical: Another newbie! We wanted to lean into a “sophisticated vacation vibe” and I think we did it. That Jungalow wallpaper is so good and paired with that dark blue subway tile it just makes it chic. But to warm it up (and add some glam) brass was necessary. Both the light and towel ring have this cool asymmetrical thing going on that’s really cool and interesting. So for the rest, we kept it simple with hits of black to ground the whole look.

photo by tessa neustadt | from: guest bathroom reveal

Tile | Towel Ring | Stripe Towel | Sconce | Mirror | Sink | Vanity | Faucet | Paint | Counter | Toilet

Woodsy and Warm: This one speaks a bit to Em’s Pacific Northwest roots, and we can see this particular bathroom in a modern yet warm cabin in the woods. If green walls aren’t for you then you could keep the walls white and you still have a really pretty powder room for your guests to enjoy.

Wallpaper | Tile | Hand Towel | Towel Ring | Mirror | Faucet | Sink | Sink Stopper | Flush Mount Light | Counter | Toilet 

Sweet and Textured: This is a pretty darling powder room that we think would be so cute in a modern farmhouse:) Texture is key and is shown in the tile, wood mirror, woven light, and towel. But also the pattern of the wallpaper and countertop also add a ton of visual interest. However, that towel ring is SO GOOD!

Last but not least, a few things to keep in mind before you tackle your powder room remodel. These prices are obviously not including any labor which will differ depending on where you live, and for all of them we either included a vanity or a countertop and sink combo that could be used to replace your current setup, so if you decide to do something custom under the countertops then your price will go up a bit from this as well. Let us know if you have any questions on any of these and which one is your favorite of the bunch?

And what do you want us to do next? We are thinking kitchen:) But whatever you want we’ll start working on them. We just may as well do the ones that you want us to do. These are typically more renovation-based budget posts (not the living room/bedroom/dining room 3 ways) but let us know what you want and we’ll tackle. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: My Powder Room Reveal

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