8 Unique Bathroom Storage Ideas – Fun & Functional!

Unique bathroom storage ideas to make your small space more functional.

hand holding edge of white outlet shelf with electric toothbrush on top - bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom trouble? 🧻

Shop these small bathroom storage ideas to help get your tiny space as functional as ever. We’re making your next bathroom trip a total breeze! 🙌🏻

1. Use a shower curtain with pockets for some extra, handy storage.

clear shower curtain liner with pockets - bathroom storage ideas

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Your shower curtain is probably one place you never thought to store bath essentials, but luckily there’s even a product for that too. With this bathroom storage idea, you can easily fit all the soaps and cleaning tools you need while showering or flip it around to store other bathroom essentials, such as hair care products and deodorant, at arm’s reach.

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2. Hang your toothbrushes (and everything else) with this wall-mounted hanger.

white toothbrush holder on wall with toothpaste and razor - bathroom storage ideas

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Freeing up your bathroom counter space is priceless especially if you’re sharing a small space with your whole family. I personally made the switch with all my kiddos to some Quip electric toothbrushes which stick on any flat surface and it really does make such a difference!

However, by scooping up one of these wall-mounted hangers, you don’t need to splurge on fancy toothbrushes. Plus, you’ll even have a place for all your other essentials like toothpaste, razors, and so much more!

3. Store all your clean towels on a wall-mounted rack without the need for a linen closet.

gold metal towel rack with teal towels and candle on shelf hanging on wall

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Those towel bars taking up all your wall space aren’t doing any justice for your bathroom. Instead, consider hanging a unique shelf to store multiple towels at once. If you’re short a linen closet, this is also a decorative, yet very effective, way to store some of your clean towels.

Plus, this bathroom storage idea even comes with a shelf on the top, perfect for washcloths, a candle, or even a cute plant to liven up your space.

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4. Use an outlet shelf to keep your countertops clutter-free.

hand holding corner of a white outlet shelf for bathroom organization idea

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If you’ve never heard of an outlet shelf, you’re seriously missing out on the greatest bathroom storage idea of all time!

They’re incredibly easy to install and allow you to free up your valuable bathroom counter space to create an easy place to house your electric toothbrushes, Amazon Echo, or any other type of small electrical item you may have.

hand holding corner of white outlet shelf with amazon alexa

Plus, it can be mounted right side up or upside down to suit your needs.

5. Store all your toilet essentials on a toilet paper rack that can even hold your phone.

black iron toilet paper holder as bathroom storage idea

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This large capacity toilet paper holder just took storage to a whole new level! Now you’ll have one convenient spot to not only store multiple rolls of toilet paper, but it even has a rack on the top for lotions, your phone, or wipes.

6. Save floor space and store your toilet paper on the wall with these innovative pegs.

close up of toilet paper hanging on wall pegs in bathroom

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You could ditch the floor rack altogether and consider scooping up one of these cloud-shaped toilet paper holders for your wall. It uses pegs, perfectly positioned to double as some fun & unique wall decor. 😍 Plus, it’s an efficient way to free up some of your under cabinet space too.

Don’t have a budget limit for these genius bathroom storage ideas?

metal cloud shaped toilet paper holder hanging on tile wall small bathroom storage ideas

If there’s no budget in mind for your gorgeous, new bathroom storage ideas then consider this concrete toilet paper storage rack! While it is a splurge, it’s able to maintain a cloud shape no matter how many rolls you have left – something the cheaper one on Amazon won’t do.

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6. Use self-adhesive containers to conveniently store all your makeup.

makeup and hair brush in clear self adhesive bins on back of cabinet door

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Easy-to-hang self-adhesive bins are such a simple product that makes for a totally genius bathroom storage idea! Stash away your makeup, nail polish, or even hairbrushes. These bins could easily hang on the inside of a cabinet door for functional, concealed storage or put them right on the wall so your stuff is easily accessible!

7. Hang extra towels utilizing your bathroom door hinges with this unique hook idea.

white metal towel rack hanging on back of door hinges in bathroom

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While you may already have a couple of places for hanging towels, these hooks provide an extra bathroom storage idea on a part of your door you might not have even thought was possible.

Now your family will have a surplus of towel hanging options. It will also be perfect for hanging your bathrobes, hair towels, and so much more!

8. Maximize every inch of your bathroom while checking yourself out with this behind-the-door storage solution.

woman taking off product from bathroom storage shelves with mirror

Buy it on Amazon$219.99

Speaking of hanging things from your door hinges, this bathroom organization idea is truly an ingenious invention that will maximize your storage space and utilize what you might not have even thought of as usable space before!

This shelving unit hangs right on the back of your door hinges and is entirely customizable to fit any door. Plus, you can arrange the shelves to your liking and there’s an option with a full-size mirror so you can check yourself out before you head out the door! It’s definitely a splurge, but for the amount of storage you’ll gain, it’s worth every penny. 🙌🏻

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