5 Shocking Bathroom Remodel Tips You Need To Know

We just completed our bathroom remodel with tub. And I learned so much from the entire experience.

Our primary bathroom was really dated. The shower wasn’t great. Like no water pressure…even after we swapped shower heads.

We had a jacuzzi tub that I just couldn’t get clean.

And a lot of unusable storage. It just felt unnecessary and not practical for how large the space was.

So we decided to renovate our bathroom.

And I learned a lot about the entire process, so I am sharing 5 tips I didn’t realize before we started our bathroom renovation.

primary bathroom clawfoot tub

Get Organized Before You Start Your Renovation

Getting organized before you start your bathroom renovation is going to be key. There are so many moving parts that happen before you even start with the remodel. So get yourself organized first.

I break all these tips down in: How To Keep Yourself Organized During A Home Remodel.

primary bathroom nook

Have A Plan For Bathroom Remodel

Since I got myself organized, I needed to create a plan for the bathroom remodel. So I got to searching.

I knew I wanted a black vanity. So I was looking on Pinterest to find inspiration. I created a board for bathroom remodel with tub and pinned everything I liked into that one board.

I gave myself 1 week to find what I was looking for.

Then I stopped. Because when I give myself time frames, I don’t spend too much time searching. Instead I can use my time to plan.

So I went through the board after my week of searching was up. And I removed things that no longer felt like I wanted that in the bathroom.

What I was left with was my plan. I saw flooring I loved, a black clawfoot tub, and green paint.

This was my plan for the renovation.

Now if you find yourself being indecisive, I suggest creating a mood board for the project.

Print out every image you like or that resonates with you. Glue or tape them to a board. Then use that board for all decisions your contractor will ask you.

Just look at the board when the contractor asks what color grout do you want on your floors? Or what finish of faucets are you wanting?

Pull out the board to use as reference. It will stop a lot of the indecision that can easily happen during a remodel.

Renovation Of Bathroom Cost

Budget is key for your bathroom renovation. Things can get pricy, quickly.

Before we even started, we set a budget for ourselves. We knew how much we could comfortably spend on this project.

Then we started with the high-priced items first. The vanity, tub, and tile.

Lighting, paint, and hardware were things we budgeted for next.

I have found that when you do a little high-end and a little low-end throughout the renovation, you can stick to a budget that you can afford while still looking beautiful.

shower with subway tile and black grout

Hardware Makes All The Difference

I always thought that hardware was just an afterthought. Like you needed to spend your efforts focusing on the big things. But the small things can easily create an oasis in your bathroom.

Our vanity came with handles and knobs that were a different finish than our sink and shower head. I wanted the hardware to all match, so I found these incredible pulls from Amerock.

This was an easy swap, that made a huge impact.

Towel hooks and bars, along with toilet paper holders can also make the space feel complete. So make sure you spend time finding the perfect hardware for your space. Don’t let it be an afterthought.

Favorite Hardware For Bathroom Remodel With Tub:

Esquire Towel Ring

Esquire Single Robe Hook

Esquire Toilet Roll Holder

Esquire Double Robe Hook

Bronx Center To Center Pulls

bathroom vanity

Order Things Ahead Of Time

If there is one thing you take away from this article, it is to order all your things before you even start your renovation.

Let me tell you a little story. We ordered the vanity for the bathroom before we even started ripping up tile and pulling out the jacuzzi.

It was supposed to be delivered the day after we started the renovation. But the crew delivering the vanity couldn’t get it up the stairs by themselves. They needed a team of 4.

So we had to wait. And wait. And wait. For over a month.

And if we didn’t order that vanity when we did, we could have been waiting for the vanity. Which affected the plumber because he needed to install the faucets, tub, and shower head.

That would have affected the shower door people because they needed the shower head installed.

It would have created a chain reaction that caused so many delays. So order before you even start.

bathroom drawer organization with hardware

Bathroom Remodel With Tub

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, make sure you get organized before you even start.

Set a budget and make a plan. This will help keep you organized.

Order your products and items ahead of time. This will ensure you get things in a timely manner. We all know there are so many shipping issues, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you don’t forget about hardware. Match your pulls to your faucets. And your towel bars to the toilet paper holder! There’s nothing like a hodge podge of finished on bathroom hardware to make the space not feel “completed”.

Featured Products

Some of the links contain affiliates.

Our vanity is from Pottery Barn. It came with the countertops and slow close drawers.

The vanity pulls are from Amerock. They are Bronx Center To Center Pulls. I love how they match the Delta faucets.

Mirrors are from Pottery Barn. I love how they frame the space so nicely.

We found the lighting on Amazon and just swapped out the bulbs for brighter ones. I also found a matching single globe for the toilet room.

The walls are painted High Park by Benjamin Moore. The board and batten is painted white. Like off the shelf, no mixing white. I wanted the contrast.

Our tub is from Lowes. And the faucets are by Delta.

The floor tile is from Tile Bar. I went with the Silkwood Almond Porcelain Wood Look Tile.

And the shower tile is also from Tile Bar. We went with the basic white Polished Ceramic Subway Wall Tile with black grout on the shower walls. The shower floor and insert are Level Black 1″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Tile with black grout as well.

The incredible shower head is from Delta and it is lovely.

The towel rings, robe hooks, and toilet roll holder are all from Amerock.

To store extra supplies, I found a bar cart for the corner of the bathroom, along with a tub tray.

Our old drawer organizers work wonderfully inside the new vanity. So we didn’t have to spend any time reworking that, which is always a plus. I shared more ways to organize bathroom drawers in these posts:

How To Reorganize Your Entire Bathroom

6 Brilliant Organizing Ideas For Your Bathroom

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primary bathroom nook

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