18 Christmas Wall Decor Ideas and Holiday Art Printables

Free holiday art printables and Christmas wall decor ideas you can make yourself inexpensively.

After hanging our winter snow scene painting in the breakfast nook and adding ribbon to our family’s gallery wall earlier this week, it dawned on me that we have shared a LOT of Christmas wall decor ideas and holiday art printables in the past.

18 to be exact! And honestly there are probably more that I’m forgetting about.

I guess it’s easy to lose track when you’re having fun. Christmas decorating can have that effect, ya know. 😉

18 Christmas wall decor ideas

It’s kind of funny to see how my style has evolved over time with all of these wall decor ideas too. (Lookin’ at you, modern farmhouse era.) However you decorate your home, these will work with all kinds of decor.

So if your walls are begging for some extra festiveness, I thought it might be helpful to pull together all of the wall decorating ideas and free Christmas printables in one compiled post.

Some are as easy as printing a piece of paper at home, some are a little more DIY heavy, but all of them are inexpensive and fun to make.

Christmas wall decor idea using a book of thrift store sheet music displayed in gallery wall picture frames

1 Sheet Music Gallery Wall

If you happen to have a book of Christmas sheet music lying around (or come across one for $1 at the thrift store like I did), pull out individual pages and put them in picture frames.

It’s an easy swap if you already have a gallery wall hanging up.

Even though I used Christmas sheet music for ours, it’s a beautiful idea for using everyday non-season sheet music for year-round wall decor as well.

I used these inexpensive 11×14 picture frames matted to 8×10 for ours, but any 8×10 frame would work. Adding a mat just helps it look a little more polished.

Space picture frames between 1″-6″ apart to make them look like an intentional grouping. I draw lines on the wall with pencil using a level as a guide and hang up our frames with Command hanging strips.

DIY winter landscape art that can be used as Christmas wall decor or year-round art

2 Winter Landscape Large Scale Art

If you already have some scrap plywood hanging out in your garage or workshop, this is a great DIY Christmas wall art idea to use it up.

You can snag the free printable winter landscape art here. Print it as whatever size you’d like.

I ordered my print at Staples same-day print services on an inexpensive engineering print. But if that option isn’t available, you can print on matte poster paper from Staples or Office Depot.

Adhere it to plywood using spray adhesive and Mod Podge. Then, add lattice strips around the sides to make an inexpensive frame.

The end result looks so professional and like it cost hundreds of dollars more than the supplies to make it.

Holiday art printable of a winter snow scene on a breakfast nook wall

3 Winter Snow Scene Painting Printable

You can get this winter painting printable here and print it any size.

For hanging it in our breakfast nook, I printed it using OfficeDepot.com same-day print services in an 18×24 matte poster mounted on foam board.

Just upload the holiday art printable JPG file and choose the size you want.

I taped mine inside of a $5 picture frame I found at the thrift store (after I removed the existing art that wasn’t my style).

Christmas wall decor idea using ribbon on existing picture frames

4 Ribbon on Picture Frames

This Christmas wall decor idea is SO easy to do on basically any picture frame or piece of art you already have hanging on your walls.

If you have some leftover ribbon, tape, and a pair of scissors, that’s all you need.

Make it your style by using ribbon in a color of your preference (burgundy velvet would be gorgeous!).

Or pick one with a print or pattern to add some whimsy. Use wide, wired ribbon to make bigger bows for added drama.

Christmas printable art of vintage Christmas cards made into garland on a mantel

5 Vintage Christmas Card Garland Printables

I love these vintage Christmas card printables especially for kids’ spaces like playrooms and kids’ bedrooms!

They’re so whimsical and full of character. String them up as a garland to hang on a mantel, bookshelf, or right on the wall. Or print them larger and frame them into a grouping.

You could even just choose one or two to frame smaller and place them on tabletops for some extra Christmas cheer on end tables, nightstands, or an entryway table. Or use them as gift tags!

Sheet music framed as holiday art on a tabletop

6 Tabletop Framed Sheet Music

I love to have a nod to O Holy Night somewhere in our house at Christmas because my grandfather always sang it every year in church, and he’s no longer with us. It’s my homage to him.

Whatever Christmas carol has special meaning to you, frame it to display on tabletops.

To change up the look of regular sheet music. print it on kraft brown paper or papyrus/parchment for a more antique style.

Christmas wreath as wall decor above a fireplace mantel

7 Wreath Hung on a Wall

This one is so simple but one Christmas wall decor idea that’s easy to forget. Just hang a wreath directly on your wall!

I hung this wreath above our faux fireplace on our back porch. You can see some of the top rated realistic looking faux Christmas wreaths here.

Just use a large Command hook and remove it from the wall after Christmas without damage.

Christmas art printable of a snow cabin in a picture frame on a kitchen shelf

8 Snow Cabin Art Printable

If you want another holiday art printable, this snow cabin painting is so perfect to just stick in a frame to display on a shelf.

It would be beautiful printed larger and framed as a big piece of art on the wall too.

If you wanted to make a Christmas ornament out of it, print it as a wallet size and place it in a picture frame ornament instead.

I love the sentimentality especially to commemorate a milestone year when your family moved into a new house.

Christmas recipe printable art in a picture frame

9 Christmas Sangria Recipe Art Printable

All of the BEST recipes come out at Christmas so why not frame some?

I love making this Christmas sangria every year when we’re hosting holiday parties with friends, so I turned it into a Christmas sangria art printable.

I just made it in Canva using fonts and images already in their design gallery.

Add your family’s own favorite recipe to make your own Christmas printables and give it as a unique gift along with a nice tea towel or platter to friends and neighbors so they can make your recipe too.

Christmas art made from covering old art on a canvas with a poster of a mountain scene

10. Canvas Repurposing with a Poster

If you already have a canvas with artwork that isn’t really your style anymore, change it up by covering it with a poster.

I just ordered this poster from Walmart, sprayed the framed canvas with some Elmer’s spray adhesive, and pressed the poster right over top of the art on the canvas I no longer liked.

So easy! And much cheaper than buying new framed canvas art.

I used it for Christmas but it works perfectly as a year-round art solution as well.

Christmas tree wall display made with fairy lights, pom pom garland, and Command hooks in a playroom

11 Wall Garland Christmas Tree

This is a fun wall decor idea if you don’t have room for a regular Christmas tree or want to decorate a kids’ room.

If you have some pom pom, felt, tinsel or any other thin type of garland, add some small Command light hooks in a triangle shape on your wall to attach the garland into a tree shape.

Hang mini ornaments on the garland and/or add battery operated fairy lights.

Last year, I made one into an Advent calendar for our girls by hanging up numbered tags and cotton bags with treats inside using clothespins on the garland.

Vintage Christmas tree holiday art printable set in a gallery wall

12 Vintage Christmas Tree Art Printable Set

You can snag this vintage Christmas tree printable set here!

Swapping out your year-round art with Christmas tree prints is so easy to do since you can just store multiple prints inside of one picture frame.

This set is so perfect if your style is more farmhouse. I would be cute as year-round decor in a little boy’s room with a cabin/outdoorsy theme!

Storybook Christmas printable art hung on a wall in a playroom

13 Christmas Storybook Typography Printables

For a kid’s bedroom or playroom, I love these Christmas storybook printables with favorite lines taken from the stories ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Christmas Story, and The Grinch.

I printed the ones in our kids’ playroom on large blueprint paper from Staples and placed them in poster frames, but they would work well in smaller sizes too.

A DIY wall planter with mini Christmas trees and potted poinsettias

14 Mini Christmas Tree Wall Planter

I made this wall planter using two pieces of an old banister, but you could use any architectural salvage pieces you want for a farmhouse vibe.

Or add a light stained slat wall behind it instead for a boho style.

Hang these planter rings on your wall with some planter pots and add mini Christmas tree and/or poinsettias (I got ours inexpensively from IKEA).

Swap them out with year-round houseplants once the holiday season is over.

Christmas printable set of winter botanical art in a gallery wall

15 Winter Botanical Art Printable Set

If you like the look of botanical prints these real vintage winter botanical prints made into a printable set is a great way to swap out the usual floral botanical art.

I printed ours on small engineering prints.

Because they’re of winter evergreens, you could get away with displaying them up until March instead of taking them down immediately after Christmas is over.

winter printable in a picture frame with saying

16 Silver White Winters Printable

This little typography printable with a nod to The Sound of Music is perfect for displaying all through winter.

Place it in a small picture frame to use on a tabletop like an end table or nightstand.

Christmas wall decor idea using snow skis hung on a wall

17 Thrifted Snow Skis Wall Decor

I found these snow skis at the thrift stores for super cheap and painted them with chalk paint and antiquing wax to look vintage!

Normally, I have a large picture frame hanging in that spot in our living room, so we nailed the skis to the wall in the very center cross-section, knowing that hole would normally be covered once the picture frame goes back up after Christmas.

plate rack with garland and gingerbread cookies displayed Scandinavian style for Christmas

18 Plate Rack Display

If you have a plate rack hanging up in your kitchen or dining room, dress it up with some garland!

I got these gingerbread heart cookies at IKEA, iced them, and strung them up with some ribbon to add a little bit of Scandinavian style.

This plate rack came from IKEA years ago too that I painted black, but unfortunately it’s been discontinued. This plate rack is similar though.

Have you ever displayed any art printables as fun holiday decor? Or do you have any Christmas wall decor ideas you would add to the list?

We don’t plan to stop decking our halls (or walls) any time soon, so keep the ideas coming!

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