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If you've ever set out on a mission to find a great and supportive strapless bra, you probably know that the journey can feel hopeless—but you're not alone. In fact, nine out of 10 women complain of inadequate support and overall discomfort from strapless bras in reviews, qualifying the undergarment as almost entirely unpleasant. On the bright side, the bra industry does indeed hear our complaints, and strapless bras aren't what they used to be. These days, the options of strapless brassieres on the market are practically endless—we're talking well-fitting bras that don't budge and work for a multitude of chest sizes. Ahead, we're proving it to you with a roundup of the Top 10 strapless bras, all of which are approved by our data-driven algorithm, complete with a breakdown of everything you need to know when it comes to selecting a strapless bra for your body and cup size. From backless options to push-up picks to demi-cups and lacy finds, keep scrolling to find out what features to look for, how to understand the different strapless styles, and a few tips on care and wear. Read on to get the scoop on all things strapless bras, then shop our Top 10 data-backed picks.

What To Look For When Buying A Strapless Bra

Yes, it is indeed possible to find a comfortable strapless bra. In order to do so, you first need to realistically assess your bra size and breast shape before forking over any serious amount of money for a strapless bra. Go to any lingerie store to get properly measured, or look up how to do it online. Trust us—you’ll feel much more prepared when you have those measurements on hand, regardless of whether you’re seeking out the best strapless bra for an A cup or the best strapless bra for a DD. 

Depending on the amount of support you need, it's wise to pay close attention to the band width on any strapless bras you're eyeing. If you're well-endowed, you'll want to look for a strapless bra with a wide band, but if you're not as busty, a slim band should be suitable. Once you've selected your bra, you'll want to try it on. A well-fitting bra should be just snug enough or completely level with the ground you’re standing on and not arching upwards against your back. If you're wearing the proper band right size, your bra should never look like it’s cutting off your circulation. On the other hand, if you can easily insert more than two fingers between the band and your rib cage, your band is too loose, and you'll need to select a smaller size.  

Lastly, when putting on your bra for the day, it's important to wear your bra on the loosest hook-and-eye closure. This is because your bra will naturally lose elasticity over time. Therefore, you'll want to leave some wiggle room so that you can adjust it accordingly when the time comes. 

Understanding Different Strapless Bra Styles

Once you’ve gotten yourself properly measured, you then need to consider your options when it comes to selecting the type of strapless bra you want. Are you wearing a dress with a low back or deep V-neck? Believe it or not, there are strapless bras built for that. Maybe you just want something simple to wear under your sundress, and that standard fit is widely available too. There’s also a style called the longline, which is one of the best strapless bras for DD cup sizes. It essentially has a bodice designed to support a heavier bust, so don’t fret if you’re striking out with standard wide bands. Many of the best push-up strapless bras feature silicone strips along the bands to help the undergarment stay in place (but please avoid these if you have an allergy). 

For extra reinforcement, don’t apply any lotions, oils, or powders along the areas of your back and ribs where the bra will sit. That will only create a slip ‘n slide of sorts, and no one wants that. To ensure you’re covered for all occasions, we recommend having more than one strapless bra in your closet. Seriously—there’s nothing worse than scrambling to find the right bra (and ultimately rushing to find one that only slightly fits) for a special event. To be best prepared, go for a standard strapless bra with a wide strap and demi-cups, and one that can allow for a deeper plunge in the front and back.

Tips On How To Care For Your New Strapless Bra

After taking such concerted steps to find the right fit and considering the best strapless bra reviews, you don’t want to destroy it by not properly caring for it. We know it sounds tedious, but all it takes a little extra time and effort, and we promise you it’s time well spent. Your bras will support you for years on end if you treat them right. 

First things first: always handwash your bras in cold water. We know how easy it is to toss it in the washer and forget it, but you’ll apply undue heat to the underwires and strip away extra adhesive features like silicone. Not to mention, the cups will most likely lose the shape they once had. Additionally, you’ll want to opt for gentle soap for the delicate process. Rather than ringing your bra like you would other garments you hand wash, press the bra firmly against a towel to soak up the excess water, then lay it flat to dry. When you store your strapless bras away, stand them upright instead of rolling them up or shoving them into a drawer. Remember, keeping the bra’s form is your top priority, and these extra steps will do wonders.

Our Method For Finding The Best Strapless Bras

At Rank & Style, we believe that shopping should be simple. That's why 100% of the strapless bras on this list were selected by our data-driven algorithm. This proprietary tool factors in rave reviews, best-seller lists, editorial mentions, which means you can shop our recommendations with complete confidence. We want all of our readers to feel in control of their choices, and we hope to make the process a little easier by presenting all of the facts on the top options on the market. Without further ado, read on to score yourself a new strapless bra.

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