Yotam Ottolenghis mushroom recipes

Three super-savoury recipes that celebrate the unique flavour and texture of mushrooms: a traybake ragu, a spicy lasagne and a toast-topping confit of oyster mushrooms with a tangy aoli

Mushrooms are little flavour sponges that will soak up just about anything you throw at them. Given the opportunity, they will also eagerly release their own extraordinary, savoury assets and meaty textures.

It takes a bit of know-how to unleash that potential, and those friendly fungi do need a bit of tough love every now and then. Tear, shred or mince them before subjecting them to searing heat and lots of oil both to stop them from going sloppy-squidgy and to ensure you get that full-on, delicious, mushroomy umami delight.

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