Meal Plans 16

I’m cuddled up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and wearing fluffy slippers as I write this, the cold has set in and getting cosy feels right. I just need a bowl of soup…

With social restrictions easing we were able to go to a friend’s house for dinner last week and it was so lovely. Sitting around a delicious pie we shared stories and discussed what was going on in the world. And it reminded me that there is a special gift that making and sharing food with people creates, a moment when we can share knowledge and become better informed. Something that it’s so important to strive for. So have dinner with your friends and family and don’t leave difficult subjects off the table. Whoever said it was impolite you discuss politics and religion at the dinner table was a bit of an idiot.

Speaking of dinner… let’s see what I have in store this week:


Light and a Crunchy muesli is a great option!

And like usual the other option will be sourdough topped with avocado and basil oil this week!


I’m thinking of batch cooking some chipotle tofu and making these delicious Mexican inspired rice bowls

And this pumpkin and kale pearl couscous salad is great warm or cold.


These healthyish chicken nachos are a vibe

And this roasted cauliflower chowder with Haloumi croutons needs to happen

A fridge clean out pasta is always an easy end of week option. This recipe is on my Instagram

A salmon Niçoise salad with a winter spin is calling my name


I’m giving myself one baking project a week and this week it’s these gluten free double chocolate tahini cookies!

HH. x

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