Florida’s Best Mexican Restaurants: 2021 Winners

Florida’s selection of authentic Mexican eateries is second to none. After a day of shopping, or frolicking on the beach, or hanging out at your vacation rental – you’re probably famished and ready for a delicious meal. But with so many options for Mexican restaurants in Florida, how do you choose? That’s where we come in.

We want to help hungry travelers by sharing our favorite 11 Mexican restaurants in Florida for 2021. The service, the menu, and the reviews from previous customers put these restaurants over-the-top and onto our list. Congratulations to the winners!

Florida’s 11 Top Mexican Restaurants: 2021 Winners

Besito Mexican Restaurant  | Tampa

Besito, translated as little kiss, strives to delight guests with the warmth of a private hacienda offering thoughtful details & authentic Mexican cuisine!
Besito was founded by restaurateur John Tunney after years of travel in Mexico working to understand its cuisine and its people. The spirit of Mexico is found in its flavors and In 2006, when he opened his first location, he knew he was embarking on something special, something that would become not only a unique dining experience, but a family and cultural experience.
Their passion for extraordinary food is what inspired Besito, but it’s the people, that have breathed a special life into each location.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila | South Beach

Expect explosive flavors, over-the-top combinations worth of every bite in Bodega’s irreverent setting, ideal for casual lunch and late-night debauchery. Bodega’s menu is curated by Chef Bernie Matz, a self-proclaimed “connoisseur of the taco,” having traveled extensively in Mexico. With this inspiration, Matz created an amped up, modern take on a rotating vertical Spit, which features chicken, pork and steak.

VIP Lounge & Mexican Restaurant | Treasure Island

From the restaurant:We have a very unique array of items on our menu. We offer some real authentic Mexican dishes, some Tex-Mex style dishes, and traditional American favorites. We approach all of these areas of cuisine with the same focus on producing the most flavorful recipes. There are traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tamales, and chile rellenos. Then there are Mexican-themed dishes with a twist of outside influence such as the Mexican Pizza, Mexican Rolls, and our Famous Wet Burrito. In our kitchen, we utilize many traditional Mexican ingredients such as Chile Quajillo, fresh cilantro, and Chipotle. We prep everything from our sauces, to our tortilla chips, to our meats fresh every day. We do not give complimentary Chips & Salsa with every meal. Why? Because we make a freshly made pico de gallo stlye salsa with freshly cut and fried tortilla chips, not a jarred picante sauce with bagged, overly salted chips. We do not salt our chips after frying them. We leave that for you to do if you prefer salt on your chips, but frankly, we feel that they taste best as-is. Also, we feel that after you taste our salsa, you will agree that it was worth the $2.95.”

Pilos Street Tacos | Miami

At Pilo’s Street Tacos it’s not just about the food, it’s about people. It all stems back to Aunt Pilo, who has a special way about her that makes everyone feel welcomed. Her gracious hospitality is real and from the heart, just like their tacos. They invite you to travel your taste buds and experience real Mexican street tacos without the plane ride. Their Mexican chefs put their hats together creating signature homemade salsas and healthy veggie taco options that will blow your mind. Que Rico!

Taquerias El Mexicano | Miami

Calle Ocho (“Eight Street”) is where Taquerias El Mexicano is located, in the heart of Little Havana, Florida. Besides their delicious Mexican food and laid back atmosphere, thei neighborhood is one of their greatest assets! Stop by Taquerias el Mexicano day or night for the freshest, tastiest Mexican food in Miami.

Don Julio Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar | Multiple Locations

Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar offers authentic Mexican cuisine that follows Doña Pepa’s original recipes.  What sets Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar apart is their use of fresh and unique ingredients that give each dish an exquisite touch.

In 2019, Don Julio Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar Orlando became a city staple by adding a Ceviche Bar. Unique ceviches are created, inspired by Mexican cuisine and paired perfectly with colorful cocktails.

Tequiztlan Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar | Miami Beach

“I was looking for a fresh, well-crafted margarita, and I found it. Both my drinks were delicious and perfect. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was real cute. The food was fresh. If you get there at the right time, you can walk a block over to the water and watch the sunset. Loved getting a break from the crazy tourism.” – Google Review

El Toro Bravo | Sarasota

Since 2005, Ruben and El Toro Bravo have been welcoming guests into one of the best dining experiences in Sarasota.

El Toro Bravo has maintained its small town warmth and charm by delivering friendly service with exceptional Southwest Mexican food. Ruben personally travels to the markets to hand-pick only the freshest and most colorful produce for his dishes. You won’t find lard or vinegar being used at El Toro Bravo. Ruben insists on cooking with olive oil and canola oil because they are healthier and more flavorful.

Diners can choose from a wide variety of carefully prepared menu items and can choose from Ruben’s own special sauce creations, red or green (or ask for Christmas – which is a combination of both).

El Potro Mexican Restaurant | Multiple Locations

“First time here and it was amazing the food was well made and the service was good. The food came out fast and our waitress was checking up on us constantly. I got the carnitas dish and the meat was so soft the dish overall was really well made. I will definitely be coming back.” – Google Review

Salsa Brava Mexican Grill | Naples

Salsa Brava Mexican Grill is off the beaten path, but worth the effort to find it for lunch and dinner. This is the little restaurant that could and always makes the dining experience something to keep coming back for more. This Mexican eatery is very much a cut above the rest. Zagat has called this restaurant “Outstanding”.

Jose Myers, the charismatic owner of Salsa Brava is inspired by memories of his youth spent in San Felipe, the quaint little town in Mexico located in the historical north-central state of Guanajuato where Mexican independence from Spain began. Here, as a child he was exposed to a bustling home filled with friends and family and surrounded by countless dishes of delicious food. His recipes, passed down from his grandmother’s, capture the essence of old Mexico – a tradition he relishes in passing to his own children and now shares with the patrons of Salsa Brava.

La Tiendita Mexican Restaurant | Tallahassee

Freshest food ever. Tastes like the ingredients came straight from the garden. If you know authentic Mexican food, this is the place to be. Not Americanized at all and I really hope they keep the ambiance of the restaurant the same the more people find out about them. Best Mexican food in Tallahassee. The tamales are perfect, their birria tacos are flavorful, and the bathroom is very clean. I could really go on.” – Google Review

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