Easy, healthy and delicious sauted spinach

Sauted Spinach with pasta and chicken meatballs

Spinach is so healthy but we often struggle how to add it to our meals. I always buy the biggest bag of spinach they have at the grocery stores and keep it in the fridge. You eat it, if you have it and slowly you get in the habit. I take a flat pan. Throw some olive oil in the pan. Use medium heat. Throw two or three handfuls of spinach. Dont be scared if it looks like a mountain in your pan. Within five minutes spinach will cook and reduce to what you see in the picture. I add a pinch of garlic salt. If you dont have garlic salt, just add fresh minced garlic in the beginning to the olive oil. You will enjoy this spinach and slowly get addicted to it. Extremely good for your body.

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