Diet Direct Snacks from $11 (Includes Keto Options) | Meal Bars, Protein Shakes, Cookies, Pasta, & More!

woman holding waffle bar

Change up your snack routine with Diet Direct! 

Ditch the run-of-the-mill ‘healthy’ snack options they offer in-store and save on a HUGE (& tasty 😋) variety of Diet Direct snacks instead! Plus, get them delivered right to your doorstep!

For a limited time only, you can score 25% off Diet Direct sitewide with code 25PERCENT at checkout. Note that this code is not valid on meal plans, but you may use code PLANS10 to save.

Diet Direct offers dietician-approved brands like WonderSlim, WonderFit, and more options so there’s a snack for every type of craving from chips to meal bars, mug cakes to pasta, and so much more! Eating Keto? They’ve got that too, and it’s included in this promo! ✅

Note that shipping is free on orders of $79 so consider stocking the pantry while the price is low so you can avoid those shipping fees!

Check out these keto options…

wonderslim protein soup box

WonderSlim Protein Soup $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

stack of chocolate chip pancakes on plate

BariWise Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix Chocolate Chip 7ct $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

OR fill your pantry with these healthy snacks…

hand pouring chips into bowl

WonderSlim Pea Protein Chips 7-Count $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

ZERO mg of sugar, cholesterol, or saturated fat- how is that even possible?!

A super-close 2nd favorite, these pea protein chips are everything I want out of chips- and I normally don’t even reach for chips! They’re the perfect rice cracker/ chip combo with the thinness and crunch of a chip that everyone wants! Plus, I love how small the ingredient list is- made with just pea protein, lentil flour, potato starch, and rice flour in the chip itself! I would truly prefer these over any common potato chip!

chocolate and vanilla meal shakes in glasses

WonderSlim Meal Shakes Variety Pack 7-Count $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

bowl of oatmeal next to box

WonderSlim Protein Oatmeal 7-Count $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

woman eating protein pasta

BariWise Protein Pasta 7-Count $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

Woman taking a bite of a diet direct snack

WonderSlim Protein Wafer Bar 5-Count $16.99
Use code 25PERCENT (25% off)
Final cost $12.74!

If you try anything from Diet Direct make it these wafer bars (& get a few boxes because that 5-count will be gone in a flash 😉)! These are my FAVORITE Diet Direct find, but also my favorite snack in general, that I have had in a long time! I love being able to change up from your standard ‘protein bar’ to get a little more protein in my snack and the wafer is absolutely the perfect airy and crunchy texture. 100% AMAZING!

woman holding box and taking bite of a chip

My Hip Sidekick, Kaitlyn was highly impressed with Diet Direct as well…

WOW, I was not expecting Diet Direct’s food to be as flavorful as it is! The pasta meals are light yet PACKED with flavor and the perfect portion. The snack bars are also super delicious, airy, and flavorful. Knowing that I’m taking care of my body with these snacks makes the food even more delicious!


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