A Week In The Life, Vol 23.

How is it June?!

My favorite girl finished preschool this week. I can’t even believe it!

Lives for the outside.

Also here’s an updated curls picture. RINGLETS!!

Max and Emilia made Eddie “fruit plates” for dinner one night. It was very cute. And… a lot of fruit to eat.

We’ve had so much baseball this week for both kids! This boy got the game ball.

My seat buddy. We have lots of snacks.

I made my bruschetta chicken pasta.

First swim day with friends!!

Baby talk.

Oh hi we’re back at another game! 95 degrees at this one, yikes.

And for the second time in a year, I forgot Jordan’s shoes for one of Max’s sporting events. He always takes them off in the car and sometimes puts them in his mouth (ew), so I wanted until we arrive at our destination. I usually have an extra pair in the car but with all the activity this week, I forgot! He was a good sport though.

She’s the best sport!

It’s so much fun watching him play at this age.

Then we had Emilia’s end of school celebration!

I am so sad she will be in school everyday next year! She is the happiest, kindest, most fun girl. Seriously she is a dream!! Like we have no idea how we got so lucky to have such a lovely little Emilia.

She got to show us her special school binder. I thought sequins were appropriate!

Then… we had more baseball. This time she asked to bring a chair.

He has started running onto the field soooo he’s getting comfortable.

I grilled some chicken for the week since it was so busy. My greek grilled chicken pita chicken on top, buffalo chicken on the bottom.

And baseball again today for Max!

I don’t think Max had a pringle until he was five, but here we are at one eating pringles… third child.


And another week! Max is officially done with school in a few days so we’re ready for SUMMER!

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