26 Fantastic Gifts for Men.

Men can be really challenging to shop for. I aimed in this gift post to go deep into a few common interest areas for men, showcasing really high-quality, well-researched niche type gifts that will appeal to enthusiasts of different varieties — golfers, travelers, cooks, comic lovers. Many of these Mr. Magpie owns and has battle-tested.

01. HOLDERNESS AND BOURNE PERFORMANCE GOLF SHIRT. This particular one is embroidered with the U.S. Open 2023 insignia, in case he’s big into following the pros, but this brand makes the best golf shirts. They have a flattering, slim fit and come in the silkiest and most breathable performance fabric. This is one of a handful of brands carried by my family’s country club, and we’ve purchased a few through their pro shop.

02. VARSITY SOCKS — Just love the look.

03. STITCH HEADCOVERS — 30% off with code HOLIDAY30. I love the retro styling. The kind of thing a dude would never buy for himself, but that he’ll enjoy toting around on the course.

04. RHONE COMMUTER SHORTS — A fantastic performance golf short; Mr. Magpie wears these on the links, but they are attractive enough to be worn casually, too.

05. SONOS SPEAKER SET — Very high quality home speaker set; you can buy a pair or triple if you want to have the music sync between multiple rooms. Mr. Magpie is a “sound guy,” and has spent a lot of time researching the best home audio experience. He believes Kef makes the best home speakers and sound equipment, but they are a major investment, and at that price, we’ve often debated whether or not we should instead have the rooms professionally wired (versus using shelf/stand speakers) with speakers in the ceiling, etc. But if you aren’t looking for something as intense / permanent, the Sonos are a fantastic, very high quality solution.

06. AWAY CABIN SUITCASE. Maybe it’s time he upgraded from the set from Costco he purchased in 2012, especially with post-pandemic travel picking up. These are handsome, not too expensive, and well-reviewed by Wirecutter. Upgrade pick: Rimowa.

07. LEKKER HOME FIREPLACE TOOL KIT. Have you seen a more handsome set? An investment but you’ll have it forever.

08. RED WING HERITAGE IRON RANGER LUG BOOT. We bought Mr. Magpie a pair of these this fall. He’ll love them because they are a true workman’s boot from a company established in 1905 to outfit miners, farmers, and loggers. In other words, these boots are The Real Deal, and you can even send them in to be repaired. You should never need to replace these! You’ll love them, though, because they’re ruggedly handsome on! Mr. Magpie wears them with dark wash denim slightly cuffed to show the full boot shaft. Sharply handsome in a Brooklyn kind of way.

09. CLARINS SUPER MOISTURE BALM. Men need skincare, too! Mr. Magpie has gradually replaced most of his other products with the Clarins Men line. This hydrating balm is a good place to start for the skincare-skittish out there. Who doesn’t need moisturizer in the winter?

10. FAHERTY QUILTED PULLOVER. I doubt you’ll find a man who objects to opening this. A dressier version of a sweatshirt to wear with everything.

11. OUTDOOR VOICES CLOUDKNIT JOGGERS. Mr. Magpie’s favorite. Ultra-soft, with a stylish tapered leg.

12. SAUCES AND SHAPES. As close to a Bible as it gets for Mr. Magpie. In constant, forever use in our home. A great gift for a serious pastiolo (?), or a novice one — bundle with the Imperia hand crank pasta machine! We own an Imperia and it is excellent.

13. BRASS PASTA CUTTERS. If he’s into rolling his own, these tools come from a tiny woodworking shop in Canada that specializes in pasta implements.

14. ZAB’S HOT SAUCE. My husband loves to try new varieties.

15. RIPPLE PASTA BOWLS. We learned that Missy Robbins uses these in some of her restaurants and so ordered for ourselves — they really are the perfect shallow bowl for a tangle of pasta.

16. TENRYO HI-SOFT CUTTING BOARD. The new new in cutting board technology. We’ve used either wooden Boos blocks (which require a lot of maintenance — must be oiled regularly) or Epicureans but Mr. Magpie recently discovered these: “The Hi-Soft Cutting board features high quality synthetic material that is specially designed to resemble the color and texture of wood. Made in Japan, the soft polyvinyl acetate material reduces the impact of the knife, minimizing stress to the hand and impact on the knife, resulting in better edge retention and a longer lifespan for your knives. The non-slip surface keeps your hands safe while allowing for precision and accuracy.” This will be an exciting upgrade for any serious home cook with knives he cares about.

17. VOLLRATH 8-QUART MIXING BOWL. For some reason, this enormous metal mixing bowl is one of Mr. Magpie’s most prized possessions. It is fantastic for mixing up big batches of things / tossing wings in hot sauce / mixing salads / etc. It’s HUGE. You’ll be thrilled to have it and wonder how you made do without.

18. ANOVA SOUS VIDE PRECISION COOKER. This gadget opened up a whole new world of cooking fun/exploration/possibility for Mr. Magpie. He’s obsessed. He often uses this to perfectly cook a piece of meat (steak, chicken, etc) before finishing with a quick pan fry for the crust/maillard. Also fantastic because you can prepare steak/chicken perfectly in advance of a dinner party and then just quickly kiss in the pan before serving.

19. HESTRA GLOVES. A glove he’ll have forever. Hestra is a Swedish family-run business founded in 1936 that is now run by the third and fourth generations. The gloves are specifically meant for hiking and other outdoor activities. They’re also stylish, warm, and have a touchscreen-compatible finger.

20. FOLIO SOCIETY SPIDERMAN BOOK. I recently discovered Folio Society, a British company that produces exquisitely illustrated and bound books meant to be almost objects of art / showcased in a home. They carry tons of classics, but the SpiderMan would be a fun option for a former comic lover / superhero fiend. You can display using this.

21. RALPH LAUREN TEDDY BEAR SWEATER. I’ve always wanted to buy Mr. Magpie one of these. Cheeky in the best way. Pair with slim-fit denim.

22. GUCCI LEATHER LOAFER. The classic, the icon. I love this particular style because it’s so sleek/ refined.

23. GROVEMADE MACBOOK DOCK. Help him keep his workspace tidy with the gorgeous wood desktop accessories from Grovemade.

24. LAMY FOUNTAIN PEN. A grown-up implement. He’ll impress his clients/boss when he takes notes using this beautiful tool.

25. WORK FROM HOME PAPER SET — Planner, task pad, notebook. Everything he needs to kick off 2023 with organization and focus.

26. GAS TASK CHAIR — This may seem random but Mr. Magpie is in dire need of a proper desk chair and is always loathe to spend money on himself. This one is very handsome and functional.

P.S. This post on Mr. Magpie’s favorite fall things might also be a good starting point.

P.P.S. Mr. Magpie holds my universe together.

P.P.P.S. An envelope containing the world.

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