Wolf Induction Cooktop Is a Designer’s Dream Kitchen Upgrade

Wolf Induction Cooktop Is a Designer’s Dream Kitchen Upgrade

For as long as we can remember, cooking with gas has been the preferred cooktop option for those of a more serious culinary bent. Gas ranges are popular for a multitude of reasons: they start up fast, deliver high BTU temperatures, and produce a visual element while cooking that is beloved by home and professional cooks. But today, the heart of the home – the kitchen – is evolving, with new appliances like the Wolf Induction Cooktop becoming part of the ingredients list for the recipe of luxury kitchens of the future.

Studies underlining the effect that gas stoves within homes have upon interior air quality have ignited discussions about the need to transition residential occupants away from gas ranges toward electric and induction cooktops, the latter a cooking technology that’s even faster to boil, heats as hot (on the consumer end; high commercial gas ranges can still produce extraordinarily hot temps), safe to touch even during operation, and simplifies ease of cleaning because of its continuous surface.

Wolf’s newest 30″ and 36″ Contemporary Induction Cooktops represent the high end of induction cooktops. Sparing no technological option, these ranges deliver everything that makes induction the wave of the future: precise temperature control with 17 power settings adjustable in half increments, energy efficiency, near instantaneous temperature response, and a full-color LCD touchscreen controls.

The completely flat color touchscreen might make you feel like you’re on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The controls permit precise adjustments in temperature and to set timers to separate zones. A double tap turns a zone off at an instant (another benefit of induction is the immediacy of heat being terminated from transferring to the cookware and ingredients).

And because a lot of cooking is really about monitoring ingredients as they cook for longer periods, Wolf has added mode settings to regulate consistent low heat for simmering, melting, and keeping warm without turning your meal blackened or scorched.

One knock against many induction cooktops is they require precise alignment between compatible cookware and the induction element underneath the surface. Misalign them even slightly and you might be waiting a lot longer for your pasta to boil (like forever). In addition to clearly visually outlining where to place pots and pans across the ceramic glass surface, Wolf has engineered a Bridge function to expand the cooking surface area, essentially combining two induction zones into one large one – a welcome option for cooking pancakes and bacon across a griddle, for an open roast, or to poach the catch of the day.

Secondary to the cooking experience is the bonus of integrating a flat ceramic glass surface into the kitchen space. Not only does this simplify cleaning and eliminate the grating task of keeping gas grates clean, but also leaves more surface space for prep work. We also think induction tops result in a sleeker and more contemporary kitchen, especially when paired with a downdraft ventilation system for a completely minimalist design. Consider us ready to give up on cooking with gas – and our decrepit 1970s O’Keefe & Merritt range!

Visit subzero-wolf.com to learn more about these new 30″ and 36″ Induction Cooktops.

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