We’re Taking Our Family Around the World this Holiday Season, Thanks to Little Passports

Little Passports is one of the best kids subscription boxes out there, and they’re making it easier than ever to explore the word right from a box

Most of us would agree that going on a world-class family vacation across the globe isn’t likely this holiday season. If your family actually is, please send pics. For the rest of us, we’re not going to jetset this year (not that far, anyway). But that doesn’t mean we can’t get to give our kiddos globally-inspired experiences right from the living room. With a subscription to Little Passports, you’re able to give your kids a world-wide adventure from anywhere. We’re convinced they’re one of the best kids subscription boxes out there.

Why Little Passports?

With so many kids subscription boxes to choose from, why are we hooked on Little Passports? Well, to start, we love our mom friends, so when we learned that Little Passports was started by two friends, Amy and Stella, who wanted to create something that allows kids to experience the world we share, we were immediately on board.

More than that, though, Little Passports is an award-winning subscription box service that ignites curiosity and celebrates cultures with globally inspired experiences, hands-on art and science activities, and stories for kids ages 3-10.

The Little Passports product line and vibrant community of parents, grandparents, and educators have grown over time. They’re passionate about encouraging kids (including our own!) to explore new places and ideas through hands-on activities and stories focused on world cultures, geography, art, and science. Sounds too good to be true? Stick with us.

Little Passports starts with 8 journeys, tailored to your kids’ ages and interests. And wait until you see what you get to choose from!

Early Explorers Ages 3-5

Little ones get to discover all the wonders of the world through hands-on activities, games, and stories! Their first box comes with their very own Little Passports suitcase and everything they'll need to start their journey: a wall-sized map to chart their adventures, a welcome letter from their new penpals Max, Mia, and Toby, a pop-out playset and stickers, an activity booklet with puzzles, games, and fun facts!

Each month brings a new adventure. Weather, dinosaurs, food, world celebrations, animals, oceans, art, music, and more. They'll read about Max, Mia, and Toby's latest journeys, add stickers to their world map and suitcase, share trading cards with friends, and enjoy new activities with every delivery! You can even upgrade to include companion books.

Early Explorers (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

Animals Wild, Ages 3-5

If you have a budding animal lover, the Animals Wild subscription is for them! They'll jump right in with their first delivery as they explore the Amazon rainforest. The pop-up playset allows them to discover the rainforest layers and its animal inhabitants, play the Rainforest Romp game, bring to life a pop-out macaw, poison dart frog, jaguar, emperor tamarin, and more.

With each delivery a new place is discovered, including the Serengeti, Pacific Ocean, and beyond. Creative hands-on activities teach them about the animal world, show them how to build a collection of 3-D animal friends, and help them get physical with games that involve dropping, reaching, stamping, and pulling! You have the option to upgrade your subscription to include a new animal book every month!

Animals Wild (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

Space Quest, Ages 6-8

Blast off! Young space explorers get to expand their universe with the Space Quest subscription thanks to six cosmic activity sets and six out of this world posters. First stop? The night sky. They'll build a cardstock planetarium that projects onto walls and ceilings, get creative with a mini flashlight projector, hang a star lifecycle poster, and even learn about astronomy in ancient times. 

Your kiddo will build hands-on projects, learn about the science behind modern space exploration, imagine what alien life might look like, and explore deep space with 6 other kid astronauts! 

Space Quest (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

Science Junior, Ages 5-8

Jam-packed with hands-on science activities each month, kids get to immerse themselves in their home lab with the Science Junior subscription! Their first delivery opens up the world of Antartica, where they'll meet their penpals Sam and Sofia. It includes a full-cover magazine filled with facts and activities, an Antarctic board game, stickers, trading cards, and a special Weddell seal craft to create and display!

In the coming months, they'll build their science smarts as they learn about volcanoes, robots, gravity and motion, sounds and music, and so much more. They'll come along on Sam and Sofia's latest adventures, collect new stickers and trading cards, and have access to bonus online galleries!

Science Junior (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

World Edition, Ages 6-10

Learning about different countries is super important, and has never been more fun than with the World Edition Subscription!! Your little travelers head to Brazil with their first delivery, filling their included signature suitcase with their passport and world map. They also receive a colorful display board and real Brazilian replica to start a global coin collection, activity booklet, chapter book featuring Sam and Sophia, a collectible souvenir, along with their first luggage tag, passport stamp, and map sticker.

Throughout their upcoming deliveries, they'll discover different cultures, recipes, and traditions. They'll continue to collect luggage tags, stamps, stickers, and keep up with Sam and Sophia!

World Edition (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

USA Edition, Ages 7-12

Road trip! Coast to coast adventure is bundled into the USA Edition subscription. Sam and Sofia will be your kids' travel guides, and their first delivery includes their USA field guide, a wall-size map of the country to chart their adventures, and a discovery kit filled with fun facts, games, and activities!

The months ahead are packed with state-to-state adventures so your kiddos will get to visit them all. New activity journals and following along with Sam and Sophia are included, too!

USA Edition ($24.95)—Buy Now

Kitchen Adventures, Ages 7+

A global culinary adventure arrives at your doorstep each month with Kitchen Adventures! First stop, Rome. Create 4 kid-tested, kid-approved recipes for pizza, pasta, and chocolate dessert. Tour Rome's famous landmarks with a marble maze, delve into the amazing food history of Rome via recipe notes and flavor journal, and get used to kitchen tools with a kid-friendly set of tongs!

You and your kiddos get to team up and cook together every month, shop for and pick out ingredients and build practical skills, and whip up family-friendly recipes.

Kitchen Adventures (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

Science Expeditions, Ages 8+

Experiments, inventions, comic books, and badges fill each month of the Science Expeditions subscription. Month #1, become a DNA detective! They'll be tapping into their problem-solving skills with the forensic experiment kit, fingerprint analysis and ink pad, lab notebook, comic book and activity booklet, collective achievement badge, and Science Expeditions tote bag!

Sam and Sophia return month after month in their own comic book, along with hands-on experiments, science book, achievement badges, and lots of extra online content!

Science Expeditions (starting at $24.95)—Buy Now

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If all that wasn’t enough, Little Passports offers a happiness guarantee that you and yours will love it or they’ll make things right. And with subscriptions available at 12 month, 6 month, and month-to-month levels, you’re able to cancel anytime online. Little Passports is the kind of gift that lasts all year and beyond!

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All images courtesy of Little Passports.

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