Top 24 The ultimate guide on what to eat at Global Village 2020!

This winter, travel around the world from Japan to Bosnia along the Levantine and Mexico without leaving the city, as the much-anticipated Global Village has opened its doors once again to enthusiastic residents and tourists!

This edition has evolved into an epicurean collective, an A-Z of global food, imbibing culture and cuisines world over. Each stall is more tantalizing than the other, with mouth-watering choices to keep even the fussiest of eaters happy. We have tried to keep a track of it all, by rounding up our top picks this season! Missed your favorite? Comment below for the others to savor too

1. ChicknCone

Fork-free flavorful chicken smothered in a warm waffle, need we say more? ChicknCone boasts of a variety of sauces; spicy, creamy ranch and the classic BBQ are recommended. They also have a pancake syrup, loaded with cinnamon and maple #SoCluckinGood

Approximate price: AED 10 AED 25
Location: K 65, Kiosk Street, Near African Pavilion

2. Aloha Vibes by N3 Caf

Loco over coco Serving tender coconut ice-cream & Aai with granola + berries in a pitted coconut = winning on the Insta-worthiness and taste! All them Hawaiian vibes under one roof!

Approximate price: AED 35 AED 50
Location: UAE Pavilion

3. Beef and Cheese

The ultimate combination of grilled beef pizza stuffed with gooey cheese, are you drooling yet? The shredded beef and stringy potato sticks loaded with cheese and tangy sauce is a must!

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 40
Location: K 33, Kiosk Street

4. Pistachio

Pistachio has an extensive menu catering to several palates; new thought rendered to old classics. Juicy burgers, fluffy pancakes, freshly prepared eggs to a vibrant mix of sushi. Great for the gram too

Approximate price: AED 35 60
Location: Opposite China Pavilion

5. Crab Balls

Golden fried soft and seasoned crabmeat served with a range of fiery sauces, these crab balls are indeed clawsome! Real-life Mr. Krabbys Krabby Patty perhaps?

Approximate price: AED 35
Location: Kiosk Street

6. MySouffle Bakery

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Malaysian bakery MySouffles Global Village outpost is nothing less than a treat for the gram and taste buds Serving the fluffiest souffle with the cutest embellishments. Chocolate, pistachio and strawberry are delectable, legit no one stacks up to them!

Approximate price: AED 25
Location: Floating Market

7. Konz Republik

Not all heroes wear Crepes. Konz Republik offers both salty (Dynamite Shrimp Kon ) and sweet crepes, with an Egyptian twist. With an eclectic mix of toppings and sauces, this is truly in-crepe-able!

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 40
Location: Kiosk Street

8. Dark Shot

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A must for hot chocolate lovers! The hot-choc is intensely-decadent slew with white and milk chocolate shavings. Ideal for Dubai winters! Dark Shots Caramel Macchiato, Spanish Latte and Affogato Coffee is a must too!

Approximate price: AED 20 AED 25
Location: Khalifa Foundation Pavilion

9. Senor Gonzales

Authentic, modern Mexican food. Fresh Fish Tacos and Cheesy Beef Empanadas are The nachos are zesty, cheesy and full of Mexican greens. Truly spectacolar!

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 35
Location: Near Cultural Gate

10. Lets Wing

The wind beneath my (chicken) wings Panko-crusted chicken wings topped with tangy, cheesy sauces! Have it as it is or atop a Mojito (legit).

Approximate price: AED 20 AED 35
Location: Culture Gate, SME 3

11. Floating Market

Experience a medley of delectable Asian staples in Floating Market From Thai street food, Korean delicacies, Malaysian flavors to an array of exotic Far Eastern fruits and dessert! Sticky Mango Rice and Mussels are a must!

Approximate price: AED 10 AED 35
Location: Floating Market, Near the Canal

12. WafflyPops

Indulge in these Japanese bubble and bear waffles with toppings of your choice. Nutella with smores was our favorite, just sayin. Chips Oman with Cheese is tie-breaking!

Approximate price: AED 20 AED 25
Location: Shop 103, China Pavilion

13. 3 Abilli

Creamy pasta brought to you in 3 distinct flavors: Cheetos Flaming Hot, Doritos or Chips Oman. Take your pick, we loved all!

Approximate price: AED 30 AED 35
Location: Near the UAE Pavilion

14. Chaa Cho

So Matcha love for this black charcoal ice-cream served with Japanese Matcha Kitkat A variety of Milk Teas available with or without pearls- including the iconic Wintermelon and Blueberry Cheesecake

Approximate price: AED 18 AED 25
Location: Shop 21, Japan Pavilion

15. Lobster Roll

Buttered and griddled fresh lobster meat in spilt-top hotdog buns! Is this what Rachal meant when she found her Lobster? Squeeze lemon juice for added punch!

Approximate price: AED 35 AED 37
Location: Kiosk Street

16. Yuki No Hana

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If you love Japanese desserts as much as we do, then you will surely like Yuki No Hana (+10 for the aesthetics). Mango Kakigori and the Watermelon Ice-Cream are recommended!

Approximate price: AED 15 AED 20
Location: Thailand Pavilion

17. Avocadolicious

Love Avocados? This caf serves the most incredible avo-creations Sliced to perfection, this hero ingredient ornaments every dish on the menu from salads to smoothies. Fried avocado here is everything Avo wanted!

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 35
Location: Cultural Gate

18. Punjabi Village

Punjabi Village is an ode to the much-loved North Indian food. Tandoor fresh naans and kebabs, full-of-flavor Butter Chicken and Lassi, will instantly make you reminiscent of the highly-patronized Dhaba experience. Must try!

Approximate price: AED 35 AED 50
Location: Behind Egypt Pavilion

19. Dose Burger

Treat yourself to these well-season sliders and bites at Dose. Opt for the Wagyu-beef with crunchy Jalapeno or the Buffalo Crispy Chicken twin sliders Dont worry sweet tooths, they also have their signature Donut served with Softie!

Approximate price: AED 20 AED 35
Location: Front of Thailand Pavilion

20. Custaphoria

Sink your teeth in these freshly baked South Korean sweet cakes! They come in a variety of shapes and are generously filled with custard or Nutella. Enjoy it with the Custer Frappe!

Approximate price: AED 20 AED 25
Location: In front of Korean Village

21. Yog.Up

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Everything Yogurt! Refresh your palette with these high-protein yogurt-laden bites. Yogurta try the warm fatteh dished out with the tangiest yogurt dressing here

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 35
Location:SME 4, Cultural Gate

22. Princess of Mahashy (POFM)

Sample local Emirati food and discover the regions exotic ingredients at PofM. The rice-stuffed Mahashy flavored with yogurt dressing and crispy fattoush is their specialty

Approximate price: AED 30 AED 40
Location: Shop 20, Heritage Square, Emirati Village

23. Super Slice Pizza

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Super Slice Pizza hits the spot season after season, with their 60cm long pizza slices Pepperoni and Classic Cheese will always have a Pizza of our heart!

Approximate price: AED 25 AED 30
Location: K67, Kiosk Street

24. Mighty Quinns

New York originated BBQ house, Mighty Quinns delectable meaty menu will not disappoint. Wood-fired BBQ glazed Beef Brisket and smoked Lamb Ribs are the ones to look for!

Approximate price: AED 35 AED 50
Location: K40, Near Palestine and Lebanon Pavilion

Are we missing out any of your favorites? Let us know!

Written and Researched by Drishti Jain

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