Time to Cook

I have one week's worth of pre-made meals left so it's time for Investment Cooking.  I made my list yesterday and went to the store today after my oil change.  The car's oil change, I mean.  Here's most of the pile of canned goods I bought.  The produce and meats are in the fridge.  It'll be a busy few days of whipping up yummy things to put in the freezer.  I was surprised that my bill wasn't over $100 with the way prices seem to go up every week, especially meats.

Today's recipe was the simplest and quickest of the eight I picked out (it's actually nine since I'm making meatballs and marinara sauce because I'm in the mood for meatballs; now I'll see how pasta likes being frozen).  It's Chickpea Curry and Rice.  Mm, it makes the house smell great.  First, the onions get sauteed and then you stir in garlic and the curry powder.  The aroma just explodes and then you add in broth and a can of coconut milk which adds coconut to the mix of smells.

More flowers are blooming.  These are spiderwort, one of my faves because it thrives on neglect.  My kind of plant.  The little purple flowers open in the morning so you have to go out early to capture them.  My neighbor was out in her garden early this morning, I hope she liked my pjs.


The heat is wreaking havoc with the poppies.  They're dropping petals like crazy.  Sniff.

But the yarrow seems not to mind the blazing heat.  I get these confused with Queen Anne's Lace but these aren't related to carrots.  They're an herb.

Today's toss was two dresses and a shirt.  I hate getting rid of those dresses because I really like the fabric but, like everything else I made the last few years, they're too big.  The shirt was always too big.

The prompt today said that you won a vacation.  Where would you go and what would you do?  I'd go to Bonaire diving, of course.  I'd stay at Happy Holiday Homes (in the orange bungalow if I could swing it) and dive or snorkel in our favorite spots.  I'd eat escargot at It Rains Fishes and barbeque ribs at Bobbe Jan's.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

It wasn't quite as hot today and there was a breeze off the bay so I went out to mow after supper when the shade had covered most of the yard and the mower wouldn't start.  The rope that you pull to start it wouldn't pull and my fixit guy is in Montana on vacation and won't be home for a week.  So I had to use the renters' mower that isn't self-propelled.  It was hard to push that mower up the hills in the yard.   Heck, it was hard pushing it on the flat.  I'm going to sleep well tonight.


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