The £1 store cupboard: Henry Dimbleby’s budget family recipes

Meatless meatballs bursting with flavour, and bolognese with a lower meat content but all the texture and taste

In terms of sheer volume of DNA at least, farm animals could be seen as evolution’s biggest winners. There are currently about 80bn of them on this planet being reared for food, and their combined weight is more than twice that of the entire human race. But what a strange success this is: the lives of these animals are too often miserable and short, and the effects on the environment are disastrous. The single best thing each of us can do for the environment is to cut back on our meat consumption – and by at least 30%. If, like me, you have carnivorous children, you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve. This week’s recipes have been tested thoroughly on meat-loving kids – they are cheap, popular and easy to make.

Ravenous: How To Get Ourselves and Our Planet Into Shape, by Henry Dimbleby with Jemima Lewis, is published by Profile books at £16.99. To order a copy for £14.95, go to

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