Sweet Sixteen


We celebrated her after school when I picked her up and surprised her and took her to get her second ear piercing.

She had a great day at school and came home with some fun goodies from some of her friends.

Kayla watching a video her papa made of her with pictures of her throughout her sixteen years.

Brooklyn's card made her cry.  It was so sweet what she wrote to her big sister.

She also loved the ridiculous gift she got from Brooklyn, lol.

She was very easy to buy for this year because she picked out exactly what she wanted us to buy for her.

After her dinner request of Buffalo Chicken Pasta we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed our favorite cookies for dessert.

I still am not sure I believe she's already 16!

A few days later that weekend we celebrated big with a Sweet Sixteen Party.  It was glow themed and so much fun to put together.

I baked the cupcakes and cake pops and everything would glow once it was dark and the blacklights were on.  The cake pops were a hit and I could've just served those because the kids loved them!

Doesn't look like much but come nighttime everything would GLOW!

The girls all ready for the party to begin.

My beautiful girl!

We had Chickfila for dinner which was a hit and so easy.

Weeks of planning and lots of setting up and the day was here.  I was so ready for it to happen and for everyone to have some fun!

We got to meet our friends baby and he enjoyed his first High School party.

Everything turned out perfect!

The kids had a blast, everything glowed and they danced and sang non stop!

The party started at 6pm and most of the kids left a little before 11 with her closest friends staying until 11:30ish.  I didn't put an end time to the party just because I knew all of the kids that were coming and knew they were good kids so I didn't mind them staying so late.  I just wanted them to have the best time.  Overall we had about 25 kids which was the perfect number.  Kayla had a blast as well as everyone else.  It was a such a fun night that hopefully she'll never forget!

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