Sweet Potato Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

Your favorite savory fall ingredients hopped into a pan, cozied up, and less than 30 minutes later emerged as an obsessively good, nutritious dinner: Sweet Potato Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Cranberries, Feta, and Sage!

A plate with healthy sweet potato pasta with Brussel sprouts and cranberries on a black plate.

This dynamite one-pan pasta dinner cooks in a single pot (including the noodles!). It expertly balances cold weather comfort with weeknight practicality. A bowl of this pasta soothes and satisfies on a chilly evening, without forcing you into a food coma.

Weve been enjoying this sweet potato pasta as a hearty weeknight veggie-filled main. Its the sort of meal that makes you feel ultra-accomplished to whip up on a weeknight, but tastes impressive enough to serve as a special holiday side dish or at an impromptu dinner party/holiday potluck/night your casual acquaintance swung by for a drink, stayed too late, and now you feel obligated to feed her. Heres what well say:

Oh, this portrait of autumn represented as a nuanced, wholesome, and utterly delectable pasta dish that even your pickiest toddler will eat without complaint? I cook like this ALL THE TIME. Heres the thing. When a recipe is as simple to prepare as this pasta with sweet potatoes, you really can cook like this all the time.


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