Someone In This Online Group Asked “What’s Your Stupidest Cooking Opinion So We Can All Fight About It?” And 38 People Joined The Thread

Do you also get really annoyed when someone is in the kitchen while you are cooking or cleaning up? And are horrified when people pour milk first and then put in cereal? Do you feel the urge to correct a person who seems to know what they are doing but are doing it wrong?

It seems that the kitchen attracts a lot of frustration and people can argue about food and cooking for hours. Reddit user rawlingstones know this human trait and when they posed the questions of “What’s your stupidest cooking opinion” they also added “so we can fight about it?”

The fight in the thread was pretty civilised despite some pretty controversial opinions being thrown around. Are there any in this list that you agree with? What is a food opinion that you will fight about? Let us know in the comments!

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Gold flakes on anything is f*****g stupid

Image credits: georgiesdaddy


Pineapple on pizza is actually quite nice and the roasted sweetness complements the salty dish.

Image credits: thereal_genghiskhan


Every part of green onions is USEABLE! The green and the white! Both! Yes! Use the whole things >:) yes!

Image credits: bijten


A lot of American home cooking dessert recipes are way too sweet.

Image credits: apertle


You'll get me to stop using preground spices when you pry them out of my cold dead hands.

Image credits: DarkArbiter91


I hate when people leave the tails on shrimp especially in pasta dishes. Why not just remove it all?

Image credits: earthtoemjai


A kitchen full of expensive appliances does not make you a good cook.

Image credits: petuniasweetpea


I don’t care if someone salts the food that I made them before or after trying it. As long as they enjoy it, I’m happy.

Image credits: zarza_mora


Can we stop saying "bone broth"? It's bleeping stock.

Image credits: maik-n-aik


grilled cheese sandwiches should only be cut diagonally

Image credits: Sulissthea


People who are super bougie and refuse to eat mayo because it's "gross", but will then gobble up a trough of aioli if a brunch place puts in front of them are the absolute worst and can f**k right the hell off. It's fancy mayo, b***h. Get over yourself.

Image credits: krb2133


I hate measuring in cups and ounces. Give me them grams

Image credits: AngryBubbl3


Generations have been brainwashed into thinking they cannot bake a cake or make brownies or muffins or macaroni and cheese without a box mix.

Image credits: chinpuppy


Sweet potatoes are better when prepared savory.

Image credits: mcdoesgaf


“Best by” and “sell by” dates can go f**k themselves. If it isn’t growing hair when I open the lid then it’s getting cooked to 165F and that’s money in the bank!

Image credits: rikatix


Pre-minced jarred garlic is fine and you can pry the Costco sized jar of it out of my cold dead hands on this hill I've chosen to die on.

Image credits: knittykitty26


I've never eaten a dish that was made better by truffle oil.

Overwhelming taste and smell. Used solely to add 20% to the price of the dish

Image credits: tunafriendlydolphin


Baking isn’t difficult, you’re just bad at following directions.

Image credits: SmallGingerLady


Wrapping things in bacon is the best way to ruin any food. Welcome to this stringy wet meat blanket that only tastes like floppy ding ding and not like what you tried to put it on to begin with.

Bacon has a prominent flavor. It's going to be star of whatever you put it in so let it be crisp and delicious and not an accurate representation of your uncle's soggy love for you.


Image credits: SqueeStarcraft


Using fresh tomatoes for a tomato sauce is a waste of time. Stop being bougie and used canned.

Unless you have a garden and a surplus of tomatoes.

Image credits: MissKay24


Dividing fillings for sandwiches between two slices of bread first and then flipping it together don't make sense (unless they are viscous enough like PB&J) . Just pile it all on one slice and top it off with the last slice so things don't fall out


Simply mixing everything together at once for baking rather than mixing dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately is good enough most the time.

Image credits: stephenfromaustin


This is my favourite reddit thread and pomegranate seeds are s**t.


You must used overnight refrigerated rice to make good chinese fried rice.


Greek yogurt is not a reasonable swap in all the recipes where you would usually use sour cream.

Red onions are really purple and they are only suitable for cold or room temperature food preparations.

Image credits: ATreeGrowinBklyn


Much of Trader Joe's frozen food offerings are delicious and nutritious. They are not examples of insipid cultural appropriation.


olives are disgusting :/

Image credits: tatagonia


you can use a lot more salt than people normally do and still not taste it. i see people pinching salt onto their steaks, while i sprinkle that s**t on every square inch. makes meat super tender and its great for flavor.. use more salt.


I cannot make a burger as good as ones in my favorite restaurants so burgers are exclusively going out foods, not cook at home foods.


Ranch dressing on salads is disgusting

Image credits: getyourcheftogether


Garlic presses *aren’t* all that bad. Yes, sometimes there’s no use for them and I do hate single use devices, but they have their purpose.

Image credits: birb-jesus


• Ricotta and cottage cheese in lasagna is disgusting.

• Truffles are a waste of money

• Chili without beans is a wasted opportunity

• Kraft dried parm (shakey cheese) is delicious and has its applications

• Garlic powder is a pantry essential and it gives another dimension that you cant get with fresh garlic.

I'm sure there is more.

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This hot take comes from my grandmother: chopping lettuce ruins it because you cut the vitamins in half so it's not as good for you when you eat it. You gotta shred it with your hands.


My husband dumps salsa on almost every dish I serve, even if it’s French cuisine, and I just sit there and let it happen.

Image credits: notjewel


The only known purpose of capers is to ruin the whole dish

Grated cheese isn't a seasoning

Watermelon is good but overrated

People who can't eat cilantro are weak and natural selection is coming for them (also applies to spicy food)

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MSG belongs in every soup, stew, chili, etc. it is a magical ingredient that adds depth without altering flavor


San Marzanos are good but very overrated and the people routinely spending like $5–7 for a single 14oz can are dumb. I'll keep my $1.50 can of Mutti tyvm

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Leaving the avocado seeds in the guacamole does nothing to preserve the color/freshness. It's nothing more than a Suzie homemaker superstition

Image credits: CutsSoFresh

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