Savory Pies

15 delicious savory pies that you can make for a hearty dinner. The ultimate comfort food on a cold winter night.

Turkey Pot Pie

Savory pies… yes you heard that right. Who says pies have to be for dessert? If you needed an excuse to have pie for dinner here it is. There is just something so comforting about a savory pie for dinner. Especially in the winter. Often times if I have extra pie crust or some leftover meat I will think of some savory pies to make.

One of my favorite pies to make after Thanksgiving is this turkey pot pie. Need a quick vegetable side dish to go with your pie? Check out these air fryer green beans that can be made in just minutes.

Looking for a sweet pie recipe? Try this egg custard pie, Swedish apple pie or this peach cobbler pie.

Wondering What To Do With Your Leftover Pie Crust?

The beauty of pie crust is it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. Store-bought pie crust (almost) always works just as well. It’s an easy way to simplify a step. Have left over meat or veggies from dinner? In a frying pan cook up a roux with butter and flour whisking in some broth. Toss in your leftovers and let it thicken. Drop into a pie crust and bake. Savory pies can be as easy as that!

Just like a sweet pie, you would have for dessert, most things could be considered fair game for the filling. Savory pies can be the ultimate comfort food on a chilly winter night.

Savory Pie Flavor Variations

  • Classic Chicken Pot Pie
  • French Meat Pie
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Spaghetti Pie
  • Tomato Pie
  • Turkey Pie
  • Seafood Pie
  • Quiche
  • Veggie Pot Pie

Check out these 15 amazing savory pie recipes by some of my favorite bloggers. In these recipes you’ll find some great ways to repurposes your leftover Pie Crusts, leftover chicken, turkey, broths, and veggies.

Savory Pies

Who says pie has to be for dessert? Here are 15 of my favorite savory pie recipes.

Take the leftover turkey and make some delicious turkey pot pie. This pie is packed with flavor and vegetables. It's so good you will want to make two. Good thing this recipe makes two turkey pot pies.

This tortellini Bolognese pasticcio is a pastry encased pasta pie made with tortellini, Bolognese and grated Parmigiano. Makes a great family meal! Plus it's delicious eaten warm or cold.

Quick, easy and oh so tasty, make this Tamale pie recipe with a homemade cornbread crust in no time. Everyone loves this Mexican inspired savory pie!

In Italy, Pizza Rustica is considered casual finger food and is often served as a starter. I prefer to serve it as a hearty main dish requiring little else except maybe a salad.

British Steak and Ale Pie with rave reviews, is a delicious and classic savory pie with homemade buttery crust. The filling is made with tender cutlets of beef and vegetables are cooked in the most delicious dark ale gravy.

Two of the greatest French dishes combined into one super fab, super delish tart. Serve it as an appetizer, for lunch, at brunch.

Enjoy this homemade savory Bacon Pie recipe that will satisfy your craving for a hearty and wholesome meal. It’s easy to prepare using fresh and tasty ingredients!

This French leek tart is simple and an elegant menu item for any celebration.

Turn your pantry staples into this delicious Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie for dinner! It’s a classic dinner made with Bisquick mix, ground beef, cheese and eggs. It will quickly become a family favorite.

Spaghetti Pie is going to be a new family favorite for dinner! The crust is made of spaghetti noodles then piled with cottage cheese, a meat sauce and shredded cheese.

This ham pot pie is a delicious twist on a favorite! Loaded with chunks of ham, veggies in a simple homemade sauce. A great way to use leftover ham!

This classic British hand-held pastry is transformed into a full pie that is easy to make and feeds the whole family.

Southern Tomato Basil pie is a savory tomato pie with several cheeses and basil baked in a flaky crust. It is a great appetizer or delcious entree especially good served with a salad.

Savory Summer Squash Pie is the delicious answer to the question of “what to do with all those zucchini and summer squash” that are lying despondently on your kitchen counter.

Brisket Pot Pie is a hearty meal to make the most of leftover brisket. Flaky pie crust filled with smoky brisket chunks, tender vegetables in a well seasoned gravy. 

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