Romesco Skillet Pasta with Cajun Tofu

Creamy, one-pot romesco sauce pasta with spicy cajun tofu is a 30-minute meal that’s packed with amazing flavors! While the pasta and romesco sauce cook together in a single pot, you have plenty of time to make the toothsome, spiced tofu.

close-up of romesco sauce pasta in a bowl with cajun tofu on top

This is the pasta of your dreams! A flavorful romesco sauce with hearty noodles of choice topped with Cajun spiced tofu! Romesco sauce is a Spanish pasta sauce with a roasted red pepper base that can also include tomato. It has almonds and plenty of spices, and you make it in the food processor for a quick, easy, creamy sauce.

In this romesco pasta recipe, I’m pairing the creamy, one-pot pasta with cajun-spiced tofu. It’s an unusual combination that is just incredible! And it only takes about half an hour, since you can make the tofu while the pasta is cooking.

romesco pasta in a skillet with cajun tofu on top

Why You’ll Love Romesco Sauce Pasta

  • flavor-packed food processor sauce
  • one-pot meal
  • toothsome, cajun-spiced tofu
  • gluten-free and nut-free options
romesco pasta in a bowl with cajun tofu on top

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