Pasta and tacos: Miguel Barclay’s £1 cauliflower recipes

Soft and creamy when boiled and blended, meaty when charred and crumbled, thrifty cauliflower comes out tops for pushing meat off the menu

When creating dishes for £1, I have to be super-aware of just how much I’m getting for my money, and whether an ingredient is main dish-worthy or if it will only ever be a side dish. Cauliflower always comes out on top, and is increasingly becoming one of my go-to ingredients. I love the way it can caramelise to give you those meaty notes, and is one reason the humble cauliflower has the power to push meat from my menu.

Recipes adapted from Vegan One Pound Meals and Meat-Free One Pound Meals, by Miguel Barclay, both published by Headline at £16.99. To order a copy of either for £14.78, go to

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