Pasta al Forno

Pasta al Forno is an Italian baked pasta dish which simply means that it consists of layers of rich meat sauce and melted mozzarella cheese and is the ultimate comfort food.

This easy-to-assemble pasta dish is very flavorful, and more of the Sicilian style than many others that use a white sauce called bechamel which is a different version.

There are many Regions that make this a bit different and this is the way mom made our using eggplant, sausage, boiled egg, and meatballs mixed with veal and pork.

We love Regional style dishes from Rome like our  Rigatoni alla Zozzona, and other Roman-style dishes we make often  Cacio e Pepe and of course the fabulous Carbonara all-Roman versions and my grandmother's recipes from Rome, Italy.

Although you can adapt your Pasta al Forno with whatever your Regional recipe requires, we like ours loaded with ricotta and cheese, much more similar to a layered lasagna.

Mom always used whole tomatoes then crushed them then added some tomato puree that made a very rich thick sauce.

Scroll down to our printable recipe card for our easy-to-follow instructions.

rigatoni pasta al forno with eggplant, meatballs and sausage

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