Parent Took Online Wondering Whether They’re Indeed A Jerk For Letting Their 22-Year-Old Bring Fast Food To A Wedding

If you were asked to choose the three most picky people in the history of humanity, who would they be? My picks are a whimsical kid in a toy store before Christmas, Kevin Durant looking for a new team after another NBA playoff elimination, and definitely any average wedding guest. The level of pickiness is about the same, just believe me.

However, today’s story will not be about children and Christmas – although it is inexorably approaching – nor about KD and his team (so far he is doing pretty well in Brooklyn). But the theme of the wedding and guests is just what you need. In fact, there are many tales about ‘guestzillas’, but one of the ‘heroes’ of this story seems to have outdone them all.

A few days ago this post appeared on the AITA Reddit community, and as of today it has approximately 8.1K upvotes and over 3.8K different comments. This may be a small spoiler for you, but most of the commenters think the author of the original post is wrong. However, let’s understand in more detail and, perhaps, your opinion will differ from the opinion of the vast majority.

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The author of the post and her 22 Y.O. son attended her cousin’s wedding

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So, the author of the post and her 22-year-old son were invited to her cousin’s wedding. As the Original Poster says, the newlyweds had a lovely reception with a nice buffet, but her son, “Johnny”, in fact, had a completely different culinary taste. Simply put, the guy was a big fan of fast food, and the tables were set with a nice soup, salad, tenderloin, BBQ beef, pasta, and a few other selections. And of course, no chicken nuggets, hot dogs and so on.

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The wedding meals were delicious yet the author’s son felt unhappy with them as he loved fast food very much

The OP admits that everything was absolutely delicious and really good for wedding food… but at one point, Johnny approached her and simply asked for the keys to her car in which they all arrived. When asked why he needed it, the guy replied that he just wanted to go and order some of his favorite fast food.

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We don’t know exactly what the mother thought at that very moment, but she decided that a little of his favorite food would not hurt her beloved son. So she gave Johnny the keys, but it turned out that other guests had already heard their conversation. Moreover, as it turned out, there were other street food lovers at the wedding – and after learning where the OP’s son was going, they en masse asked him to bring them something too.

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The guy brought fast food for him and several other guests straight to the reception and they started munching on it

In general, when Johnny returned, he looked more like a delivery guy than a wedding guest. Everyone unwrapped their boxes at the reception and started eating their favorite fast food. This happened right next to the dance floor, and although the OP claims that the smell did not drift to other tables, no one can be absolutely sure about this. The venue staff and the family of the bride, on the other hand, had seen and smelled enough.

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The bride’s family and the venue were furious, so real drama ensued that day

As a result, a real family drama arose, and the OP says that it was not Johnny who was blamed for everything, but she herself – in their words, the mother could have explained to her son that it’s inappropriate to order fast food straight to the wedding reception. The woman’s arguments that the guy is 22 years old, he is in college and has his own culinary preferences (or rather, has a limited palate) did not work at all. So the Original Poster wondered how wrong she was in this particular case.


People in the comments told the author off as well, labelling her and her son rude and impolite

However, if the author of the post was expecting to have support of people in the comments, then her expectations were not justified. First, commenters suggest that she should have arranged something beforehand instead of doing it like this. At the very least, commenters are sure that if the guy wanted to eat fast food that much, he could have slipped out, eaten and returned quietly. And the way he did it, letting it be known and eating right there at the reception, was an extremely bad move.

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Some commenters also believe that the reception food was most likely expensive and given to her and her son for free. And instead, the guy left for other food, which is already incredibly impolite of him. Moreover, bringing that smelly food back to the reception would be seen as tacky and insulting. If the OP’s son was, say, four years old – okay, let him bring his chicken nuggets to a wedding. However, 22 years old and still wiping an adult child’s backside and treating him like a toddler looks extremely weird, people in the comments claim.

On the other hand, wedding meals often become a real stumbling block in different situations. For example, you can also read this story about a ‘guestzilla’ who wanted to order his favorite dish behind the bride-to-be’s back, or about a TikToker who received a wedding invitation requiring all guests to pay for their meals on their own. And besides, we’re already looking forward to your comments on this very tale below the post.

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