My Fitness and Food Routine

“What do you eat in a typical week and what does your workout look like?”

This is probably one of the top questions I get on my blog and Instagram so I thought I would make an official post to touch upon it. First of all, I think it’s ultra important to note that as I write this post, it’s nearly 10am and I’m still in my pajamas having not touched a piece of food today (ha!).

Due to my hormone imbalances and weird health issues that I’m still trying to navigate, my month to month looks very different. My weight fluctuates by 20 pounds every other month (no joke!). 

However, when I’m “in the zone” I do the below routine and it’s when I feel my absolute best. As we enter a fresh start to a new year, I thought it’d be nice to outline what that routine looks like for those of you who are looking for a little reset.


When I’m feeling my best, I allow myself to sleep until 7:30am. Grant will take the morning routine with the kids to allow me extra sleep. I usually start my day with (in this order):

  • A full glass of water before anything else
  • One (only one) cup of black coffee with no additives
  • Smoothie: Handful of spinach, blueberries, strawberries, banana and Justin’s Almond Butter. I made these in my Magic Bullet which is easy for every day use and clean up. I purchased extra cups.
  • If I’m in the mood to cook, I’ll make eggs (scrambled, omelette, boiled) with sausage or bacon and lots of fruit.

I will usually get my workout in first thing in the morning (at 8:30am), but lately I’ve been finding that a mid-day (12pm) workout is great for my workflow. We take June to school at 8:15 so it allows me to fire through work from 8:15a – 12pm in a quiet space at home. Then, I head off for my workout (see below). Afterwards I grab a lunch on the go and either head to meetings at Wyeth or back home where I tend to emails and/or content creation.


I’m a big fruit and peanut butter snack person. I usually do apples and peanut butter around 11am. This ties me over until lunch.


I’m always out on the move and have a hard time figuring out what to do for lunch. My biggest issue is putting off my decision until I’m in the “red zone.” In effort to curb this bad habit, I make a choice in the morning while I’m making my morning smoothie. It sets my intention for the day. My lunch usually looks like:

  • Chinese Chicken Salad from Joan’s on Third
  • Noodlerama Salad from Health Nut
  • Veggie board with Hummus at home with a side of sliced turkey or chicken
  • PROTEIN. I always make sure to have a full hand serving of some sort of protein (fish, chicken, steak)
  • When I’m at Wyeth, I’ll have a tuna salad or skirt steak from Bianca’s (yum!)

Water, Water, Water!

Afternoon Snack

Again with the apples and peanut butter OR I’ll grab a Kind Bar OR handful of almonds. This afternoon snack is an absolute must. If I’m feeling like my energy is dragging, I’ll make a green tea with honey to tie me over.


We eat dinner in our house every night at 5:30pm with June. Most nights I’m cooking one of the below or ordering in:

  • Salmon, 1 cup of white rice, broccoli or squash
  • Frozen Chicken. You will find about a hundred of these in our freezer. We live off these Tyson chicken. I make them plain, with salads, in rice bowls. We’re obsessed. You can find them at Target too. I like the plain version best.
  • Rice bowls. We love a good white rice bowl with beef and broccoli, or chicken and peppers, sausage with pinto beans. Honestly we just toss whatever we have laying around in the bowl and make it easy. You can add pasta sauce for a craving or soy sauce. We make this at least once or twice a week.
  • Lettuce wrapped burgers with all the fixings!
  • We’ll order Sugarfish about once a week (sushi) and Greek
  • Sometimes Grant will take June to pick up food from Erewhon (our local grocery store that has a healthy counter). They’ll bring home cauliflower, steaks and tons of yummy sides

Booze and Cravings

I’d be lying if I said the “kitchen is closed” after our 5:30pm dinner, it honestly takes a bit of training to not eat or drink anything after that point. It’s definitely possible, but I have to be really focused. I’m usually able to fight the urge when we have a beach trip on the books (wink!). Grant and I will do some “detoxing” where we take weeks off from drinking and that usually makes it easier too.

Typically this is what we have:

  • Reposado tequila (Casa Amigos) with Soda and a splash of lime
  • Reposado tequila (Casa Amigos) with Propel and Soda mixed

If I’m really itching for a late night bite, I’ll opt for a scoop of Talenti Sorbet or a Sugar-Free popsicle.


It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for pilates and yoga. After I had June, I started doing pilates with Pilates by Amanda and I was amazed by how my body transformed. When I’m not in my routine, I can see it and feel it on my legs, bum, and abs (or lack thereof). I love pilates so much that I recently got a reformer for my home! I purchased the Allegro 2 which is exact same one that Pilates by Amanda uses in our classes. We can now train virtually instead of me driving 1 hour each way to class which saves me a lot of time!

I try to do pilates Monday, Wednesday, Friday when I’m at my best. You can download her workouts here and subscribe to her “Core Club.” You don’t need a reformer at home and I swear her mat classes are just as good as the real deal.

For yoga, I live and swear by Urban 728. Joe Komar has literally changed my life with my yoga practice and I’m only 2 years in. I aim to go as much as humanely possible, but with two kids and two full time businesses to run, that usually looks like three days a week. I’m typically practicing yoga on Tuesday, Thursday and I take the 90 minute on Sundays. You can also do yoga online with Joe by clicking here.

Read my post: Why I Used to Hate Yoga and Now I Love It

Okay, that about does it! I’ve spilled as much as I can possibly think of. Am I missing anything? What do you guys do when you’re “in the zone?” Share some tips in the comments!

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