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You know how friends find something they love and they cant wait to tell their other friends because they might love it, too? Well, today Ive gathered a collection of those things to me and Im excited to share them with you. The neat thing is that most of my favorite things are under $20! All together, the prices range from super cheap and ridiculously practical to just one over the top spend that the whole family will love. I hope you find one or two things that you love, as well! lets dive in!

1. A little something sparkly!

I bought this ring a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it. It looks so real! My mother in law loved it so much over Thanksgiving that I gave it to her and ordered me another one. My new one arrives on Friday. For a sterling silver ring set in the $20ish price bracket with 1.8 carats of AAA quality CZs, this is tiny splurge that feels like a big one. Click here.

2. A great timesaver!

Electric Kettle- Once you have one of these youll never live without it. It brings water to a boil faster than the microwave and is a tremendous timesaver when it comes to preparing supper. Whenever I need to make rice, stew chicken, or make pasta, I get my water boiling in this first and then add it directly to the pot, cutting cooking time almost in half. I use this at least once every single day. Click here

3. Something to help you get in the word!

Gel Highlighters These are amazing but you have to see them to believe them. They essentially work like a very smooth clear gel crayon. It is the only highlighter Ill use in my bible because they do not smear and there is no bleed through to the following page. This set is my favorite because they come in a hard plastic case with a top that pops open so you can just get the one you want out. Great for purses. Click here.

4. The Best Pen In The History Of Ever

Whenever I am studying my Bible, I always have a four color pen handy. With just the one pen I can circle, underline, highlight, and make notes, all in different colors to help make each action stand out. Having slightly arthritic hands, I really appreciate a Dr Grip pen, so when I found that they offered a four colored version, I was over the moon! The ink is really smooth, the point size is a nice medium, and this one takes it one step further by having a pencil lead in addition to the four ink colors! Click here.

5. A Coffee Cup That Is Easy On The Hands

My Bevi stainless steel coffee cup Everyone needs a good coffee cup. I tend to use travel cups around the house whenever Im working on my computer to help prevent spills. I came across this one a few months ago and immediately bought one for my mother, too. Next to my Yeti coffee mug, this is another favorite. It is smaller at the bottom which makes it really comfortable to hold and easy to sit into car cup holders. It also fits really well into the cup holders of our camp chairs when we are out and about in the RV. Click here.

6. The Big Splurge (that is absolutely worth it)

For years Ive had readers ask me if I had an air fryer and for years I never understood why I needed one. Two months ago, I purchased a Ninja Foodi Grill, mainly for the purpose of having a great indoor grill. After much research, the reviews of its grilling abilities were amazing and I decided that it was the best option available to me.

When I purchased it, I considered the air fryer to be something I may give a try. Well, on day one the girls wanted to air fry some tater tots and let me tell you, that thing has paid for itself and then some. It is absolutely amazing. Tater Tots, air fried in about ten minutes, come out hot and crispy as if they just came from Sonic. We make vegetable egg rolls, spring rolls, pot stickers, tater tots, breaded chicken, and even veggies in the air fryer. The girls use it daily. We even take it with us when we travel and Ive bragged so much on it that a few friends have bought their own as well. Last night, I got this text from my friend, Jyl (see left). So how is the grill? I have no idea. Ive still not got around to using it but I sure do love my air fryer! Click here.

7. A Purse Sized Treat!

This 100% Organic Certified Lip Butter is a far cry from the hard waxy chapsticks we grew up with. It melts into your lips and feels like Heaven. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, are just some of the ingredients that make up my favorite lip balm. Sometimes I can find this at Walmart and Ive got my mom hooked on it, too! My favorite is Eucalyptus mint and Tropical Coconut. Mama loves Strawberry. The best deal is the variety pack of six flavors for $9.99 at time of publishing. Click here

8. The Face Cream I Cant Live Without
Ive gone through three jars of Day + Night Miracle face cream this year. It has a light peppermint smell, is 100% natural, and is a calming formula that contains aloe vera juice, coconut, frankincense, and lavender. It isnt greasy at all and soaks right up into your skin but leaves my face really well moisturized. Im prone to breaking out with some creams and this one has kept my face calm, clear, and moisturized. I have psoriasis and have flare ups on my face from time to time. Aloe Vera juice applied directly has been a tremendous help and so I think having this as one of the ingredients is one of the reasons why I have not had a single psoriasis flare up on my face since I started using it. Click here.

9. A Teenagers Favorite Purse

I bought this for Katy, who is just now getting to the age where she needs to carry a purse at times but doesnt want anything big. It has plenty of room to hold her phone and a little cash. Since getting it for her, her best friend Sara Jane wanted one so I got her one as well. My 19 year old niece saw it and wanted one so I got her one. Then, another young lady in our fellowship wanted one and I got her one as well. Its definitely a hit with the younger crowd and can accommodate a large variety of phone sizes. Click here.

10. That T-Shirt Everyone Wants

Shalom Yall shirt

Ive had so many people ask about this shirt! It is one of my favorites and as it turns out, most of my friends have them, too! I also have the hoodie sweatshirt version. Everyone pictured above is wearing the unisex version. Click here

11. A Dependable Watch You Can Actually See And Never Have To Take Off

I know smart watches are all the rage but when it comes to a watch, I prefer this one. Its waterproof so I never take it off. The numbers are big enough for me to see without my glasses on. It has a day and date on the screen as well and a button to make it light up so I can see what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night. I also have mine set to go off daily when I want to wake up and I set it to chime every hour on the hour to help me keep pace with the day (you dont have to have the chime or alarm turned on). Click here.

And I saved the sweetest for last

12. Tea That Tastes Like Mamas With No Calories Or Carbs!

Southern Breeze Guilt Free Sweet Tea- This is one of my favorite treats! I keep packets of this cold brew tea in my purse when Im out and about. All I need is some cool water for perfectly flavored sweet tea with no calories or carbs. My favorites are the original and raspberry. You can use code Christy20 for 20% off your first order and Southernplate5 for $5 off a $35 order. These codes work when ordering direct from their website, click here.

You can order on Amazon if you prefer by clicking here.

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Disclosure: Most of the links contained in this post are Amazon Affiliate links. You pay the same but I receive a very small commission that helps fuel my coffee habit so thank you! All opinions contained in this post are my own but believe me, there are a lot more opinions where these came from!

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