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My 6 Favorite Restaurants On Capri, Italy | TravelAwaits – TravelAwaits

The island of Capri, Italy, is a beautiful small island in the Bay of Naples that’s long attracted the wealthy to its stunning landscape. Many people visit for the day from Sorrento, a busy tourist destination, and once on Capri, they find a well-kept — even pristine — place of stunning hillside villas and a craggy coastline that meets the bluest sea you’ll find in Europe. 

It can be expensive to eat out on Capri — it’s hard to avoid that. Capri plays to movie stars, celebrities, and wealthy travelers, and most people who come here are happy to pay premium prices. That said, it’s a must-visit island in Southern Italy for its beauty, and since it’s a bucket-list destination, I forgave the island for its high-price restaurants. To get a more reasonably priced meal, walk a little off the tourist trail, and you’ll find some hidden gems. 

Here are my favorite restaurants on the island of Capri, Italy.

1. Da Tonino

Some restaurants are worth a walk to get to, and this is definitely one of them! Da Tonino isn’t on the main streets of Capri, a 10–15 minute walk up from the main plaza, but that doesn’t make it any less visited. It’s gained a reputation for its excellent food and service, and there’s also a very impressive wine list here. 

The restaurant isn’t accessible by car or taxi, so if you want to go here be prepared for a bit of a hike. It’s a beautiful walk, though, and the journey is part of the experience of visiting this restaurant. Make the most of the view on the way up and down — the restaurant itself doesn’t have much of a view, though the terrace is lovely to sit out on.

Terrace tables at Da Tonino

Terrace tables at Da Tonino

Photo credit: Da Tonino

What To Order At Da Tonino

This is a Michelin-starred restaurant, so you know the food is going to be good, but it’s also unusual. There’s quite a bit of rabbit on the menu, including rabbit and curry sauce, but I recommend the rabbit pasta. I never imagined rabbit going well in a pasta dish, but it really does! If you’ve never tried rabbit before, this is an ideal introduction to it. If you like rabbit, you’ll love this. 

For dessert, I had the lemon tree pudding, and we had the full-bodied red wine on the waiter’s recommendation. Even the bread that arrives at the table as an appetizer is outstanding.

2. Sciue’ Sciue’

Scuie’ Scuie’ is a traditional Italian family restaurant with a rustic vibe. If you’re looking for good food with no frills and knowledgeable and attentive staff, then this is a great pick.

It looks more like a small café from the outside, but make no mistake, this is restaurant-level food. There are a few tables outside, maybe around 6 tables on the pavement, and they provide a lovely spot to sit and eat in the sun while Capri life goes by. It’s a bit of a hidden gem because of how it looks from the outside, and many people walk straight past not realizing it’s a restaurant, which makes it all the better if you like a quiet dinner. The prices are also reasonable here, as the restaurant is positioned away from the main tourist streets.

Table setting at Sciue Sciue

Table setting at Sciue Sciue

Photo credit: Sciue Sciue

What To Order At Scuie Scuie

I love ravioli, and I usually order it if it’s on the menu, but the lemon ravioli here is something else. It is stuffed to the point of bursting, and the sauce is so good that you should definitely save some of the bread from your appetizer to dip in it at the end. Everything looks and tastes homemade, and the portions are generous. 

I love lemon, so I followed the lemon ravioli with the lemon cake. Just the right amount of sweetness to finish off the meal.

3. La Palette

Up in the hills, about a 10-minute walk from the main streets of Capri, La Palette is another hillside restaurant with no access to taxis, so the only way to get there is to walk up the hill. You’re rewarded with the most incredible views over the bay once you arrive, and it feels worth the walk even before you’ve tasted the food. 

Personally, I like that these hillside restaurants are inaccessible by car — it makes them feel hidden and extra special. This one looks and feels like a premium restaurant, and the food arrives like a work of art.

What To Order At La Palette

The blackened pork cheeks are probably the most ordered dish on the menu here, and once you taste them, you can see why. This dish has become the restaurant’s signature dish, and most people who come here want to try it. 

The seabass is also very good and always caught fresh that day. There’s something so satisfying about eating the fish straight from the sea while you gaze out over the waves. The wine list has some unusual listings, including some local wines, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard of these wines — the waiting staff can recommend the perfect pairing for your food.

4. Ristorante Da Gemma

Ristorante Da Gemma is part of a beach club that sits right by the sea. You can change into bathing costumes in the club’s changing rooms and reserve a sun lounger and umbrella. It’s not far from the harbor, where visiting boats arrive from the mainland, so it does get busy. With the restaurant attached, it makes a lovely way to spend the day by the beach. 

There’s been a Da Gemma restaurant, named after the original owner, on Capri for 80 years, though not always in this location. This one gets very busy due to uninterrupted views of the sea, so booking ahead is recommended.

What To Order At Ristorante Da Gemma

If you’re visiting Ristorante Da Gemma at lunchtime, the simple toasties are really good and can be enjoyed perfectly with a bellini cocktail while the waves lap the shore below. 

For dinner, the grilled octopus is perfectly cooked and presented on a bed of pureed mashed potato with a side of green beans. Simple, but very effective.

5. Lo Sfizio

Located on a pretty side street just outside the main center of Capri, you know Lo Sfizio is a good restaurant when you see locals eating here and nipping in to pick up their takeaways. As it’s just outside the touristy area, the prices are more reasonable, and the food is really good. It has a semi-modern atmosphere inside, not too rustic and not too contemporary. There are also a few tables outside on the street. It’s a quiet street so a lovely place to sit out and enjoy lunch or dinner.

What To Order At Lo Sfizio

Lo Sfizio serves a local falanghina wine, which is a must-order, as you might struggle to find this particular one once you’re off the island. 

The pasta with razor clams is especially good, and the bruschetta to start is fresh and tastes homemade. 

The staff members here often bring complimentary limoncello at the end of the meal, depending on how busy they are. If they don’t bring you one, order one — it’s one of the best limoncellos I’ve ever tasted.

Seafood at Pescheria Le Botteghe

Seafood at Pescheria Le Botteghe

Photo credit: Pescheria Le Botteghe

6. Pescheria Le Botteghe

This is a very small café tucked away down a narrow street, with only eight tables, and many locals call into Pescheria La Botteghe to pick up food to take away. It feels like part café, part deli, with wines and fresh produce available to buy. In the mornings it opens as a fish market, and then at 1 p.m., service begins for lunch. In the evening it becomes an intimate little restaurant. 

The atmosphere is cozy, and it feels quite special to dine here. Due to its size, it’s definitely advisable to book ahead. Walk-ins take up the tables fast if you don’t.

What To Order At Pescheria Le Botteghe

They serve mainly seafood here, freshly caught and prepared that day. The cuttlefish with pasta is very tasty, and the octopus burger is ideal for lunch. 

The menu is small and simple, but whatever you order it’s great food. We had a bottle of pinot nero, or pinot noir, with our meal, and it went perfectly with the seafood dishes.

Pro Tip

You’ll see a lot of very well-dressed visitors, and locals, on the island of Capri. It’s the favorite destination of wealthy people and celebrities, and they’ll be dressed to suit their lifestyle. However, when it comes to walking around Capri, and especially getting to some of the restaurants in the hills, a good pair of walking shoes is advisable. Many of the side streets are still old-style cobblestones, and if you’re wearing high heels or flimsy sandals, you might find these streets very difficult to walk on.


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