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Good Monday morning! Thanksgiving 2022 is but a memory now. We enjoyed the roast turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and pumpkin pie for days. The fridge is now empty of leftovers and pretty much everything else, and the tablecloth is washed, folded, and stored away until next year. Suddenly, it is Christmastime! We have only a few weeks to enjoy Christmas music in the car, twinkling tree lights in the evening, nostalgic shows on television, and that general joyous feeling reserved for this time of year. I say this not to incite fear or a sense of panic but instead as a reminder that the joy of time of year is specific to each of us and our families, as is how we choose to spend it. This year, I choose simplicity, introspection, intention, and calm. That works for me, but not for all. Some people wait all year for the excitement, the shopping, the parties, and the crowds. That is joyous for them. Enjoy your time with your people, for it passes quicker than Santa flies back up the chimney.

Before the Christmas celebration began here, we celebrated the birthday of my firstborn, Madison Marie! My Madison turned 26, and as I type those numbers, I still remember all the excitement, happiness, and joy we felt in a hospital room on a snowy November evening. I remember holding the baby I had dreamed of and thinking she was mine. I was her mother. Madison has brought us joy from that day on, and I am so proud to be her mom and her friend.

Her husband Nicolas planned an entire party for her, which was amazing! Nicolas prepared the most delicious food ever! My favorite? Smoked salmon and cheese spread with radish on Brioche bread for an appetizer. And the dinner was fresh pasta with vodka sauce with the most delicious tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad. He served us and cleaned all the dishes. It was the most beautiful party for my wonderful girl. 

The cake? Oh, the cake! Madison is perhaps the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever, and Nicolas was inspired by a cake in one of Taylor's videos. He sent the picture to Peyton, and...well, I'll just show you.
This is the picture from the video...

And this is the cake that Peyton made...

Madison was so happy!

It was delicious.

 Just a little note to any mom who feels sad that her daughter is growing up. I validate you. I do. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. Grown children are a whole new kind of wonderful. Your child becomes your friend. You will step back and let others do things for them out of love, which will bring you so much happiness. I promise. 

Well, time for me to pour another cup and get going with my day. Today I plan on finishing my laundry, so my bathroom will be ready for the yucky hunting camp laundry. I also have some lesson planning to do. This week is pretty quiet except for tomorrow when my little Mocha goes to the vet for dental surgery to clean and extract some of her teeth. Poor little thing. She will be at the vet most of the day. I am nervous for her, but I believe in the people there who know much more than I do.

Have a cozy day, my friends. 
Thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo

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