Looking forward to the weekend

Saturday 13th May 2023
It's okay to relax.

Yesterday I mostly sat listening to the audio version of this book which I've waited years to get, I wasn't disappointed, I'm about half way through already, its 784 pages long which is almost 25 hours!  It confirmed one of my guesses in the first few chapters and as you would expect I was proper pleased about that.   

Himself didn't come home as they wanted him to work till at least 6 and work tomorrow so he'll be back later.  As much as I like him back, the upside was I could carry on with my book :) 

I did manage to bake some rock cakes, Aryn was very impressed and it put a huge smile on my face when he walked in the living room and said 'these are really good' with his mouth full of cake.  I like my food being appreciated.  

Here's the recipe Rock cakes recipe - BBC Food 214 calories each if you make 12 from the ingredients.  I made about 28 from 2 lots of ingredients so mine are about 183 calories each.

I also got my cook on, I wanted to use up some chicken, I'd defrosted what said 3 chicken breasts, but turned out to be 2 large and 1 small, so I diced it up instead.  I mixed together some Philadelphia light, parmesan cheese, chopped spinach leaves and garlic and mixed that with the chicken before baking topped in pepperoni.  The result was delicious, we had it with pasta, there was too much on our plat so I put the leftover in a pot and there's another meal there.  

That was me for the day, oh I did do one load of washing, I only managed 4,040 steps, I was in bed early so I could listen and lie down, finally falling asleep at 9, enjoying 8 hours 17 mins sleep according to fit bit.  Woken just after midnight by some morons screaming and shouting outside, I also woke around 3 because of a dream but otherwise, good sleep was had.

I've got up this morning and he's eaten a lot of cakes, I'm not going to worry about that though because I know he'd already eaten some fruit, had a good meal, the pasta was zenb stuff thats super high in fibre, he also had school dinners which probably aren't great but it's food, it says 'loaded tray' so no clue what that was. 

As for school, huh, I got an email saying they'll all be having end of year maths assessments , when I mentioned it to him, he told me that their maths teacher is doing something else at the moment, we're assuming it's to do with the exams in school but that means they have a substitute teacher who's just letting them do anything, so if he doesn't understand the work, there isn't anyone there who does because it's not the teachers subject.  If Rishi Sunak wants the kids to do maths till 18, they need to sort out the teachers to help the kids do it.  

That's me having my moan, back to today, I need to go get ready for our huddle, looking forward to the morning.  I've just put a joint of beef in the slow cooker, I never cook it this way but my sister and Elle do, so I'll give it a go as I'm going to make a roast dinner, I'll cook the parsnips and carrots in the actifry, trying something different, a change is as good as a rest they say.

Here's to a great day, let's not forget about our healthy as we're enjoying the weekend ;)

Mwah, luv u 

Love me xx

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