Load Up, Perth’s Cheese Cathedral Is Having A Massive Clearance Sale

Just in case you haven’t already eaten enough cheese while you’ve been in iso, Perth’s Cheese Cathedral is going and having a massive clearance sale so you can treat yourself to bulk cheese that’s usually only available to the pros.

The Cheese Cathedral is part of European Foods Marketplace and they’ve opened up their entire showroom—usually open to restauranteurs and members of their club— to the public for the month of May, which means you can get your hands on everything from cheese and antipasti to coffee and pasta.

While plenty of bulk cheese is on sale, they’ve also taken a bunch of their regular cheeses which are usually sold by the kilo and are making them available in smaller portions so you can get through them with only the help of your nearest and dearest—or perhaps with no help at all, if you’re anything like us.

If small portions aren’t your style, you can go ahead and shop the 2kg tubs of halloumi, the 10kg buckets of aioli or the 1.5kg of butter—lord knows you’ll get through it with all the baking you’ve been doing—until the end of May.

Want more? You can get all of these tasty treats delivered.

Image credit: Emma Bryant

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