I need to clarify + Ugggg + Why is the first one the hardest?

(leggings, ear warmer, gloves ((I can’t believe how warm these are)), shoes, half-zip)

Waterproof shoes are kind of a requirement these days in Utah.  Ten miles @ 8:40 average while it was snowing for most of the run.

I’ll run in pretty much anything except when it gets below 10… My Peloton will be saving me next Thursday.

I got a little reading in during nap time while the snow was falling.

We went and did some shopping for the angel tree.

Brooke called this Pink Pasta the best pasta in the world.  

I’m still on my December quest for the best peppermint and chocolate combo.  Ghirardelli brownie mix + Ghirardelli peppermint bark sandwiched in the middle…. delicioso. 

PS I need to clarify something from yesterday’s post… I hate honey, but I adore honey butter.  Mix anything with enough brown sugar and butter, and I will love it.  

We are celebrating Christmas today, which is so exciting but also gives me the weirdest feeling of already missing the big kids for Christmas Day.  Ugggg, I try to stay positive about this stuff but sometimes it still just hits me, so there’s that.  

One of my favorite pictures ever:

IMG 3767 jpegIMG 4923

The other day when I was taking a class from Kendall on the Peloton, she talked about how the first interval is always the hardest.  Ummm yes.  That is always the case for me when doing speed workouts; the first rep always hurts the most and has me questioning how I will survive and complete the rest of the workout.  She talked about why this is—> your body is fighting against your heart rate increasing.  Your body suddenly needs your heart to pump more blood with oxygen faster to your muscles because they work harder!  It just takes a little bit of time to adapt to the changes happening and to better cope with what you are asking it to do.

So next speed workout, when the first interval is hurting, and you can’t imagine doing X more repeats, remind yourself that the first one is the hardest for everyone.   It’s not just in your head!

You will adapt!

IMG 7131

At what point is it too cold for you to run outside?

Want to exercise and can’t run outside… what do you do?


Are you staying in town for the holidays or going somewhere?

How long after you wake up does it take for you to feel alert?

-Usually 15ish minutes.

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