How to Submit a Press Release

Eager to get your message out there with an exciting press release? While it might seem a little daunting to grab the attention of major media outlets like news stations and magazines, it's definitely possible to get journalists to cover your story! Here, we'll explain how to put together and submit a press release that shines so everyone spreads the word.


[Edit]Preparing to Submit a Press Release

  1. Reach out to local media outlets. Contact publications that are the right fit for your press release. First, identify the service, organization, or update you want to pitch. Then, think about journalists or publishers who are already interested in what you want to bring attention to. For example, if your company just released a video game, contact staff writers who cover tech and entertainment. To get you started, here are key individuals you can reach out to:[1]
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    • The editor for a weekly newspaper who covers the topic related to your press release.
    • The editor or managing editor for a magazine that focuses on developments in your industry.
    • The news director or PSA director for a radio station that sends public service announcements.
    • The news director of a TV station that presents coverage on what you want to share.
  2. Target media outlets in regions near your business. Drum up interest and customers by contacting local publications. If you’re looking to sell a product or service in a specific location, then get familiar with your local newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations. Use a simple Google search or study media outlets to find journalists who have a proven track record for writing about info related to your press release.[2]
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    • For example, if you want to sell herbal remedies in Oakland, California, reach out to a staff writer who covers holistic health for the Oakland Tribune, a weekly newspaper.
  3. Identify key players in your field. Research influencers and thought-leaders to spread the word. In addition to credible and well-loved bloggers, reach out to vloggers and industry leaders. Note the really respected and popular individuals who can shine a light on your product or service. For instance, if a psychologist gave a TED Talk on supporting mental health, they’d probably be a great person to contact about your AI therapist app.[3]
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    • Browse the bio pages of important bloggers in your field and jot down their email addresses so you can contact them in the future.
    • Look up the names of key people in your industry. For example, if you’re a member of a trade association, like one for cosmetics, then find the person in charge of media relations in your association.
  4. Use a distribution service. Save time by using an automated service that does busy work for you. If you don't have bandwidth to research outlets for your press releases, then hire someone who can help you. This professional will most likely perform some thorough research, then create a spreadsheet full of the best people to contact. Refer to it as a handy guide when you’re ready to reach out to staff writers and journalists.[4]
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    • Just keep in mind that free press release distribution services usually offer limited exposure. If you want “wide exposure”, most PR distribution agencies will be able to get your press release to news outlets for a small fee.
    • To make sure your press release is easy to find online, know the search terms that your customers use when they search for you on Google. Incorporate those search terms into your press release, particularly into the first 250 words.
  5. Create a pitch that will wow your audience. Stand out from the crowd by painting a picture with your words. Before you fire off any emails, craft a short and creative story. Make a reader—probably a journalist or a publisher—pay attention to any incredible service or product you have to offer. Aim for 1 clever “hook,” or intro sentence. Then, in 3 short paragraphs or less, express interest in whoever you’re reaching out to and explain why they’d love what you’re pitching.[5]
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    • Make sure that you include complete contact information on the bottom of your press release including your name, phone number, e-mail address, physical address and website URL.
  6. Reread your press release and proofread it for errors. Make sure your message is polished to impress everyone. First, do a “content check”—confirm that your hook and the rest of your writing sounds newsworthy, timely, and fresh. Then, review your press release for any typos and punctuation errors. Aim to give it a look over 2-3 times so you can catch everything.[6]
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  7. Research and follow each outlet's submission guidelines. Respect a publication company’s time by paying attention to their rules. Check the editorial guidelines and submission policies for the media outlet you’re interested in contacting—you should find this as a special page on their website, such as one listed as “Resources.” To really stand out, stick to every submission procedure that’s listed out.[7]
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    • Follow the standard press release format carefully. News organizations are more likely to publicize press releases that are properly organized.[8]
    • Type or paste your content directly into the body of an e-mailed press release. Many journalists delete e-mails with attachments because they take too much time to download and may contain viruses.
    • Send your press release to 1 publication at a time or blind carbon copy (BCC) the recipients to make the news release submission seem more personal.[9]
    • Some outlets may prefer that you upload the press release directly to their website over a secure submission platform.

[Edit]Tips to Boost Engagement with Your Press Release

  1. Send your press release early in the day so it’s seen ASAP. Make sure to share your message late in the morning—after 7 A.M.—or early in the afternoon so it’ll appear at the top of people’s inboxes. When you take the initiative to email a pitch during work hours, you’ll give everyone a chance to give it their full attention.[10]
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    • Choose an atypical time, such as 9:08 a.m. instead of 9:00 a.m. Doing this will keep your release from getting lost at the top of the hour.
    • If you are planning a special event or product launch, give journalists and staff writers enough time to write about it. For example, if you plan to release a line of cookware, send out a press release 1-2 months in advance.
  2. Add media to your submission to boost your readership. Attract attention by including eye-catching visuals. These fun and engaging extras will help your press release stand out and may even encourage journalists to write about your offering right away.[11] For example, if you’re about to sell a line of pet PJs, then include pics of cute critters rocking their sleepwear in the body of the email.
    Submit a Press Release Step 9 Version 3.jpg
    • Just avoid attaching large files to your email, as these will clog an inbox and may end up in the junk mail folder.
    • If you do want to send a lot of materials all at once, try a service like Box or Dropbox. Alternatively, say that photos and videos are available upon request.
  3. Follow up with a phone call. Build goodwill and rapport with a short, courteous chat. Use a friendly and polite tone to ask if the recipient received the release, then offer to provide any follow-up information if they have any additional questions. Thank them for their time and express that you’d love to stay in touch.[12]
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[Edit]Sample Pitches

  1. {endbold}Hi Terri Skye, I'm jumping at the chance to contact you because we at Fairy Lights Studios are avid readers of your creative and enchanting blog, Wonderland in the City. Since you love the intersection of urban adventures and fitness, we wanted to tell you about a line-up of classes we'll be rolling out soon. A month from now, we'll be opening up our studio for fun evening classes that blend aerial silks with fantasy aesthetics. There will be mocktails, glow-in-the-dark silks, and a special booth where customers can make their own DIY fairy wings! A professional videographer is also on standby to take footage of everyone's performances as one of our trainers walks them through a magical routine. The last time we arranged a Halloween Extravaganza, our social media experienced a 60% boost in engagement, so we're sure your coverage of this event will be great for your web traffic, as well! Please let us know if you're interested in free entry in exchange for writing a targeted post on our classes. Warmly, Autumn
    Submit a Press Release Step 11.jpg
  2. {endbold}Dear Brandy Bacon, Ever been interested in dining like a king, queen, or royalty while on a budget? Since I’ve been following your food column and am a huge fan of your work for the Small Bites section, I wanted to introduce you to our company’s alternative to edible gold flakes. Our cutting-edge culinary scientists have developed a shimmering and sweet solution: powdered gold kelp! Not only can you sprinkle it on salads, pasta, or even cupcakes for a dash of glamor, but it also aids in digestion and supports immune system health! We’d love to send you a sample for you to enjoy. Thank you for your time, and we hope your next meal definitely dazzles you. Cheers, Isaac
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[Edit]Top Press Release Distribution Services

  1. Newswire: Use a “Targeted Trade Publications List” that lets you reach out to 1000s of media outlets around the world. With this service, your content is highly likely to trend on top news sites. For an extra fee, use “geo-targeted media” to target your ideal customer base.
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  2. eReleases: Collaborate with this PR company to create a highly customized list of major media outlets that can provide the best coverage for your content. With eReleases, you can also collaborate with journalists, reporters, and bloggers. You can also consult with professional editors to polish your press release.
    Submit a Press Release Step 14.jpg
  3. EIN Presswire: Get access to an expansive database of news outlets and news wires. Then, use this service to directly contact top journalists and influences. Translate your press release into a variety of languages and update your content so it meets current SEO standards.
    Submit a Press Release Step 15.jpg
  4. PR Newswire: Distribute your press release to reputable news sources, including the Associated Press. Save time and maximize results by sending your content out to over 2500 websites. Expand your reach by contacting online and print publications.
    Submit a Press Release Step 16.jpg
  5. Send2Press: Consult with Send2Press’ professionals and create a personalized distribution plan to target media outlets most interested in your content. Contact major news sites and broadcast your press release to over 6,000 media outlets.
    Submit a Press Release Step 17.jpg
  6. PRWeb: Craft a story to promote a product launch, service, or social media post with PRWEb’s special suite of tools. Send off a press release to journalists and influencers who are interested in your industry. Then, review reports to find which outreach strategies were most effective.
    Submit a Press Release Step 18.jpg
  7. PR Underground: Share your press release with over 80 reputable news websites, including regional ones to attract the interest of local customers. To really shine, run your press release through PR Underground’s SEO tool so it trends online.
    Submit a Press Release Step 19.jpg
  8. GlobeNewswire: Outsource the work of meeting submission requirements to GlobeNewswire and perfect your pitch with the assistance of professional editors. Boost engagement by creating multimedia posts that complement your press release.
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